Broken and Alone a One direction fan fiction

Cassidy Pretty,Madison Hayward and Alexa simons are best friends in high school.They have a perfect life popular,pretty on the cheer squad what more could you want.Well thats what Two of the girls think because they dident know the pain that one of the girls was going throue and the worst part was that this girl wasent aloud to tell anyone.Intell they meet five boys that help them throu Drama,Romance and Heartbreack


5. Hospital

  Harry's POV

   We had just arrived at the hospital and saw Louis in the waiting room crying wait why was he here?

 "Ummm Lou why are you here"Gemma asked

 "C-Cassidy jumped off a clif to try to kill herself but i caught her but she still got very badly hurt"He said

 "Ummm are you Mr.Styles,Mrs.Styles and Mr.Tomilson"She asked

 "Ya"we all said

 "Well there is good and Bad news"she said

 "Whats the good news"i asked

 "All three of them survived"She said

 Gemma sighed"And what's the bad news"Gemma asked

 "Well Mrs.Pretty broke her leg and will need help walking and the other girls will need to rest so they cant help so they will need to live with you boys sence Gemma is to young"the nurse said

 "Ok"Louis said"What room is Cassidy in"He asked 

 "309"She said

 "Ok"bye guys he said

 "I think he likes Cas"Gemma said as we walked to Madisons room sence Alexa wasent awke yet

 "Hi Maddie"Gemma said walking over to the Beautiful girl sitting on the bed.

 "Gemma i love you like a sister but why couldent you let me die"She said tears streaming down her face

 "Because you don't deserve to die"Gemma said

 "Yes i do im weak,ugly,worthless and stupid"She said

 "No your not"she said

 "Wait where's Alex and Cas"she asked

 "Ummmm well your dad stabed Alexa in the back and Cas jumped off a cliff trying to kill herself"Gemma said

 "Are they alive"She asked 

 "Yes"I mumbeled

 "Oh and by the way this is Harry my brother"Gemma said

 "I know"She smiling 

   Cassidy's POV

 I woke up with Louis staring at me

 "Are they ok"i asked

 "Yes both are alive"he said

 "Ok thank you so much for saving me"i said

 "Ok but just know i did it because i care about you"He said

 "I care about you to Lou"i said

  Good he said and leaned in and kissed me wait he was kissing me i pulled away and stared into his big blue eyes they were gourges.Wait no no no i can't fall for Louis no no no.I turned away and hid my face in the pillow

 "Im sor-"he got cut off by me saying

 "Please Louis go check on Maddie or Alex i said as he left.

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