Broken and Alone a One direction fan fiction

Cassidy Pretty,Madison Hayward and Alexa simons are best friends in high school.They have a perfect life popular,pretty on the cheer squad what more could you want.Well thats what Two of the girls think because they dident know the pain that one of the girls was going throue and the worst part was that this girl wasent aloud to tell anyone.Intell they meet five boys that help them throu Drama,Romance and Heartbreack


4. Hope for the best

   Alexa's POV

 Why diden't she tell me she was abused i would of helped her.

 "I will be right back"i said walking into the kitchen where Keith was

 "Why the fuck were you abusing her you seemed like such a nice person"i yelled at him

 "Because shes a worthless piece of shit"he yelled back

 "Do you know what else she is"i yelled

 "Ya a brat and a bitch"he yelled

 "No she is a insparation she always helped people who needed it"i yelled

 "But she also killed my wife"he yelled

 "No your wife got kidnaped and killed"i yelled

 "Ya she got kidnaped helping that brat"he said

 "Well i think your wife would be pretty mad if she new the pain you put your daughter throu"i said while stomping upstairs But before i could make it up i was stabed in the back.

  Harry's POV

 I hered smeone yelp in pain.I ran downstairs and saw Alexa bleeding then i saw a knife in her back oh no

  "Gemma get the parmedics down here"i yelled

  "Ok"She yelled back

  Gemma and the paramedics came running down stairs and saw Alexa.Gemma gasped and started crying.The police came and took Madison's dad away

  "Gemma it will be ok"i said

  "What if Cassidy see's both of them dead that will be three of my friends dead"she said 

  "what do you mean three,Its only two of them"i said

  "Cassidy is very emotinol she tried to kill herself when her brother got in a car accident and dident die amgine what she would do if her two best friends did die"she said

  "Lets just hope for the best"i said


   Hey guys sorry for the short chapter anyway i hope you like the story so far i know i do yay im just exicted for this serice yay yay yay im really exiced anyway if you have any questions leave them in the coments because i will answer most of them ok anyway goodbye my little duckies xoxo~Sara

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