Two Diffrent People

When Kimberly moves from California to England and attends a new school she meets a boy named Marcel. He is not considered 'popular' he is considered a nerd. What happens Kimberly meets Marcel's twin brother Harry. Harry is the kind of guy who sleeps with every girl in sight and dumps them the next day. What happens when Harry developes feelings for her and Marcel becomes popular and changes his personality and looks? Will she still love Marcel that has changed or will she fall for Harry who has changed for her and will do whatever? Or will Marcel still have his nerdy side and will still love Kimberly?


1. Moved In


          Kimberly's pov

      I was done unpacking my last box in my room. I just moved from California to England. It was hard for me because i missed my friends and the place i once called home. My mom got a business job here which paid her a lot. My room is big so i had lots of space. I had my bed in the middle a desk in the corner and a little couch in the other corner where my closet was and next to the closet was my bathroom with a big bathtub and shower. " Honey are you done packing?" my mom said as she came up stairs. " Yeah I'm done what's up?" i asked her. " I have a surprise for you" she said and went downstairs. I followed her down and into the garage. I looked at the vehicle and i just screamed.


" OMG MOM THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!" i screamed as i hugged her tightly.  I couldn't believe i got a brand new car! And it was blue to my favorite color! " Go take it for a drive" she said handing me the keys. " Ok thank you mom" i said and hugged her one last time and got in the car. It smelt brand new and it was beautiful. I started the engine and drove out. Since i didn't know this place i decided to look around. I was getting hungry so i stopped at a little bakery. I went inside and looked everywhere. I found a chocolate cupcake with blue frosting on top. I decided i wanted that cupcake. " Hi how may i help you" a boy said from above me while i was looking at the cupcake. I looked above me and found the most gorgeous boy i ever seen. He had green eyes, glasses, and a perfect smile with dimples. I love dimples. We stared at each other for a moment until i broke the silence. " Yeah um can i have the chocolate cupcake with blue frosting please" i asked. " Yeah su-sure i will be right back" he said and walked to the cupcake and came back. " Here you go" he said handing me the cupcake. " How much will that be?" i asked. " Oh no no that's on the house" he said. " Thank you" i said. " Your welcome" he said. " Are you new here because i never seen you before" he asked. " yeah i just moved here" i said. " What school do you go to?" he asked. " Oh i am going to this school around my block" i said. " Where do you live?" he asked. " Um Maple Street" i said. " Ohh i go to that school" he said with a smile witch showed off his dimples. " That's awesome at least i know one person there now so i won't be lonely" i said. " And i also live in that block" he said. " No way" i said. " Yeah- wait you are that family that just moved in next to my house!" he said. " Yay we are neighbors" i said. " Do you want me to pick you up from your house tomorrow morning and we could go to school together?" i asked shyly. " Y-yeah sure i would love to" he said.  " If you want i-i could show you around tomorrow i-if you like?" he asked shyly. " yes that's perfect" i said. " Ok um m-may i have your n-number?" he asked. " Sure" i said and grabbed a pen. " Can you give me your wrist?" i asked. He gave me his arm and i wrote my number on his wrist. And just to be flirty i put a heart next to it. " see you tomorrow" i said. " W-wait!" he yelled. I looked back and went up to him. " You never told me your name" he said. " Kimberly" i said putting out my hand. " I'm Marcel" he said and shook my hand. We stopped shaking and we were still holding hands. I took my hand out and we both blushed. " W-well i'll see y-you tomorrow" i said. " Ok" he said. I walked out the door and got into my car. I drove back to my house and went inside my house. " Honey where have you been?" my mom asked me. " I got hungry and i went to a bakery and i met this cute boy named Marcel and he goes to my school" i said smiling. " Do you like him?" my mom asked with a smile. " Yes mom i do like him" i said. " Kimberly and Marcel sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G firs-" she chanted before i interrupted her. " MOM!" i whined. " What?" she asked while still smirking. " Stop with that!" i said. " Fine" she said with a smile and left to the living room. I went up stairs and took a shower. After the shower i got dressed and got in my bed. I sighed and put my alarm at 6:30 am. I kept thinking of Marcel and what happened before i drifted off to sleep.

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