Two Diffrent People

When Kimberly moves from California to England and attends a new school she meets a boy named Marcel. He is not considered 'popular' he is considered a nerd. What happens Kimberly meets Marcel's twin brother Harry. Harry is the kind of guy who sleeps with every girl in sight and dumps them the next day. What happens when Harry developes feelings for her and Marcel becomes popular and changes his personality and looks? Will she still love Marcel that has changed or will she fall for Harry who has changed for her and will do whatever? Or will Marcel still have his nerdy side and will still love Kimberly?


11. It's over


               Kimberly's pov

        "Hey Kimberly". I turned around and found Harry standing there with something behind his back. " What do you have there?" i asked while trying to look behind him. " Oh this is for you" he said giving me a rose. " Aww thanks you didn't have to" i said hugging him. " no i have to just an apology of what i did before" he said giving me a smile. I closed my locker and headed for the main doors since it was after school. " Aren't you coming?" i asked Harry. " Yeah where's Marcel?" he asked. " He's in the class doing i guess extra credit or something so it will just be you and me" i said. We both walked to the doors. I got out my grapes and started to eat some. " Do you want some?" i asked while handing the grapes to Harry. " Yeah sure" he said and started to eat some. I turned around and watched the sky. " Hey Kimberly". " Yeah" i said and turned around got hit with a grape. " HEY!!" i yelled. I grabbed the grape and threw it at Harry which landed in his mouth. " SCORE!!" we both yelled at the same time and started to laugh. We were already at my house. " Do you want to come over?" i asked. " Yeah" he said and we both headed inside. I headed for the kitchen and read on the note  ' sweety won't be here until 8 order pizza i left the money in the jar love you' i put it down and got my phone out. " Who are you calling?" Harry asked. " Gonna get some pizza just go to my room and pick out a movie or something ill be right there" i said pointing upstairs. He left and i continued to order the pizza. After i was done i went upstairs and put the rose in a glass full of water and put it in my nightstand. " So what are gonna do?" i asked.


            Marcel's pov

       " Ok thanks Marcel for the help i'll put the extra credit in your report card bye see you tomorrow" the teacher said. I got out of my seat and got out of school. It was 6 pm already. I had to do teacher stuff for credit. I walked home and saw Kimberly's house. I walked up to her house and knocked. After about 5 minuets of knocking i gave up and looked at her window. There's light. Maybe she didn't here me. I walked up to her door and opened it since it was unlocked. I went upstairs and opened Kimberly's room. What is this? I just decided that i didn't want to face all of this. I closed the door quietly and left the house.




         Kimberly's pov

     I woke up to a snoring Harry next to me. It was so fun yesterday. We played gamed and watched scary movies and it was so fun i wish Marcel was there speaking of him he didn't text me back yesterday. Weird? " Harry get up we have to go to school" i said shaking him. He woke up and fluttered his eyes open which revealed his green orbs. " Morning" he said with his raspy voice which was kinda hot. I have to admit it that was hot. " Morning get up you don't have clothes with you" i said. " Yeah i do" he said picking up his bag of clothes. " you never know" he says smiling revealing his dimples. I got up and went to go change. I did everything i had to do and got out of the bathroom. " Just change in here i'm already done i'll make breakfast" i said and went downstairs. I made eggs and pancakes when Harry came down wearing a Hipster Please shirt with white jeans and black converse. We both ate and left to school. When we got to school me and Harry went to our lockers. I opened my locker and then a note fell out. I opened it up and it read ' it's over -Marcel'

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