Two Diffrent People

When Kimberly moves from California to England and attends a new school she meets a boy named Marcel. He is not considered 'popular' he is considered a nerd. What happens Kimberly meets Marcel's twin brother Harry. Harry is the kind of guy who sleeps with every girl in sight and dumps them the next day. What happens when Harry developes feelings for her and Marcel becomes popular and changes his personality and looks? Will she still love Marcel that has changed or will she fall for Harry who has changed for her and will do whatever? Or will Marcel still have his nerdy side and will still love Kimberly?


22. First Time


   Harry's pov

I walked out of my house thinking of other ideas for the song. "Hey Harry" i heard from behind me. I looked back and saw Kimberly with books on her lap. "Hey Kimberly" i said kneeling down to her level. "What are you doing outside in the cold?" i asked. "I was waiting for Marcel until he said that he left early so here i am" she said frowning. "Don't worry you could walk with me if you want?" i asked. "Yeah sure i'd love that" she said smiling. I got behind her wheelchair and started to run. "Harry!" Kimberly screamed while laughing. "Hold on love!" i said and pushed her a bit faster until i was tired and stopped. "That was fun" Kimberly said laughing. "It was i got to see you smile" i said. She blushed and looked down, playing with her fingers. I knelt down and put her chin up. "You are beautiful you know that right?" i asked her. "Your the only one who says that to me at these moments" she said looking sad. "Doesn't Marcel tell you that your beautiful?" i asked. "No he doesn't do anything to me he only wants me away from you" she said. "C'mon" i said turning back to my house. "Where we going?" she asked. "Do you want to ditch school to go with me?" i asked. She stayed silent. "Yes" she said and i ran with her in the wheelchair to my house. When we got there i took my keys out and we went in. "Isn't your mom here?" Kimberly asked. "No she's at work" i said putting on another sweater and left upstairs. I went in my room and got Kimberly's sweater that she had left when we were dating and ever since i have kept it in my room. I went downstairs and found Kimberly holding a picture. "You still have this picture of us" she said smiling. "Yeah i miss those days" i said getting closer to her and kneeling down looking at the picture. We both looked up and stared at our eachother's eyes. I moved in closer and so did she. I kissed her and she kissed me back. She grabbed my cheeks and put me closer to her. We stopped and looked at each other. "I'm sorry i shouldn't have done that" she said backing away. "No Kimberly it's fine i wanted to kiss you to" i said moving forward. "I'm sorry its just that Marcel never kisses me these days and never does anything" she said looking down. I went to her and picked her up bridal style and took her to the couch. "Kimberly i still love you and i'm gonna do everything i can do to get you back a-and i have been writing a song for you" i said stuttering and giving her my notebook. She looked at me with a tear in her cheek when she read the entire song. I looked down. All of a sudden she jumps on me and kisses me. I kissed back and brought her in closer. She pulled my neck for me to come closer. I pulled her waist and picked her up and went upstairs with out breaking the kiss. I layed her on my bed and i took off my shirt. She took her shirt off and her pants off. She looked so beautiful. I took off my pants and ran to the bathroom to get a condom. She smiled. "Is this your first time?" i asked. "Yeah" she said. "Don't worry i'm going to go slow" i said. She nodded at me. I took my boxers off which revealed my dick. She stared at it. "Like what you see?" i asked laughing putting the condom on. She turned red. I got on top of her and removed her panties. "Its going to be fine" i said putting myself in her entrance.

   Kimberly's pov

Harry thrusted his dick in me which caused me to wince in pain. "Are you ok?" he said. "Keep going" i said shutting my eyes. "Are you sure?" he asked again. "KEEP GOING FASTER" i yelled. His hands went all over my hips, stomach, thighs, shoulders, breasts, wherever he could reach as he rocked on top of me, are moans getting higher and louder as i leaned forward to kiss him, the heat building yet again as my hips rolled half hazardously into his, the edge building fast. He gripped my hips and flipped me over, making me shriek in surprise i screamed his name of pleasure as he pounded into me quick and steady, raising my leg over his shoulder to hit me at just the right angle over and over again. "Fuck your so tight" he screamed. "faster Harry faster please!" i screamed at him. All i could see was his face, his flushed cheeks, his sweaty brow, his wild wet hair and his eyes, eyes that burned with intensity and passion and loveall of a sudden i came undone, screaming his name as i saw sparks, my nails digging into his shoulders and body trembling and twitching, i felt him tense and heard him shout, cussing loudly and moaning loudly. "Fuck fuck fuck" he yelled as he sloppily thrusted in me. "Harry Harry fuck!" i moaned as i pulled him next to my chest. We layed down next to each other. "That was amazing" i said in between breaths. "Your so good" he said hugging me and kissing me. " where do you want to go?" Harry said. "Can't we sleep for an hour or so?" i asked. "Sure" he said and hugged my thigh. "I love you" he said. "I love you to" i said and we fell asleep.


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