Can't Hold Us

Sana is 16. She is crazy in love in her ex/on-off boyfriend but when he ends it she feels like her world is crashed. But will it forever continue be crashed?
Her bestfriend invites her to a One Direction concert and let's just say that's the start of an huge adventure with heartbreaks, tour, fights, love and concerts.
And who will end by getting the girl in the end?


1. Chapter 1

You promise me it's going to be me and you forever?” I asked quietly, looking up at him. Him. His beautiful green brown eyes.. He kissed my forehead, smiling. “Forever and always. Like I said last time we were here.” He answered quietly. I started giggle and pushed him down in the grass before getting on the top of him. He smiled as he placed his hands on my hips. “No one can ever replace you. Ever.” He whispered.

I leaned down before pecking his lips. “I really can't wait to be with you forever.” I whispered, pecking his lips again. He smiled more. “This is not going to be the last summer we'll have together.” He whispered.


Chapter One.


I woke up in my bed by my mother that kept saying “Wake up!” which much have meant I've been asleep for long. Or long. I remember going to sleep around 11PM because I told Becca about my trip to Dubai. Yes, I was in Dubai over Christmas since my parents didn't want to have one more “cold” Christmas.

“Finally!” My mother said softly, sighing.

I shrugged it off and pulled the covers more over myself and my half naked body.

“It's first day of school after the Christmas holidays. Aren't you even a bit excited?” My mother asked, frowning before she sat down in the edge of my bed.

I opened my eyes slowly, looking at her. No, I wasn't excited. Not even a bit.

It weren't because I got bullied, it weren't because a stupid breakup.

After some minutes of silence I simply let out with a deep sigh.

“I'm so excited it hurts.” I said before sitting up.

My mother stood up, rolling her eyes before leaving the room.

“Sana. C'mon.” I whispered to myself as I was about to hide under the covers again. But quickly I got up with the thought about today, I was going to see him again.

You probably wonder “who is 'him?'” well, it's not a famous person like Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, those guys from 5SOS..

No, this guy. Well, his name is Austin.

He has green/brown eyes, brown hair.. He is tall. He loves football/soccer.

Me and him have had a on and off relationship since we were Thirteen or something.

Now we are Sixteen and nothing has changed at all. We kiss, hug.. Does all those couple things. Except sex ofcourse. He wants to have sex with me but I can't let myself lose my virginity to him. But! In the same time.. Who knows?
He could be the one.




“Yeah, bye, love you too.” I sighed as I got out from my mother's car.

She quickly drove away and I walked up to the school. School. Ew.

“Hi, Sana.” Austin grinned and pulled me into a tight hug. I giggled and hugged him tightly back before pulling away. I was about to peck his lips but he stopped me.

“Woah, stop right there.” Austin said, chuckling on a, well, really awkward way.

“What?” I asked, frowning then looked around at the people around us.

“Is it the people? God, I'm sorry.” I sighed and took a step away. He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair. God, his hair. It looked amazing.

I looked down at his lips as he said something I really didn't pay my attention to, then I looked back up into his beautiful eyes. I could stare in them for days.

“Sana?” He then asked. The thoughts quickly left and I looked at him like I had listened to him the whole time. “Mhm?” I asked, humming.

Austin chuckled awkwardly again. “So, you are okay with it?” He asked, biting his lip. I furrowed my eyebrows. “Okay with what?”

He let go of his lip. “I got a girlfriend.” He then said after some minutes.

I swear, everything and everyone stopped around me. I just stared at him.

Did he just say that?.. No. No way. Not going to happen, not now!

“Y-yeah.. T-totally.” I said quietly even if I felt like my heart just got ripped out from my chest and someone had just slapped me across the face.

Austin knew I wasn't okay, but simply nodded then walked off.

I looked at him as he walked away. Almost everyone had walked inside and I was one of the only persons that was standing outside in the snow while looking at the door close as Austin walked in. Tears filled up in my eyes and I shook my head. This couldn't be true, this couldn't be happening, then the best memorie with him came back. It was the summer last year.. He had taken me to the woods where there were a beautiful huge empty area. Or empty.. Well, there were only grass and flowers.

We had just been there.. Talking, kissing and hugging for hours.

He had said it was going to be me and him forever.

Obviously not.

Could this hour, this day, this week, this month, this year.. Get any worse?




Yes it could. It only could get any worse.

“C'mon, it'll be fun!” Becca pouted as I took a bite from my bread with nutella. Nutella was the only thing that could help on this heartbreak.

“No. I said no. I'm not going.” I groaned before taking a bite more.

Becca stood up and took my bread. “Please! It's one concert!” She pleaded.

I thought about it for a minute. It was only a concert.. And well, I could say I've been seeing it. No, no, stop it Sana.

“Then you'll take me to a new concert. And one more. And one more.” I sighed, running my hand through my messy hair.

Becca shook her head. “It's One Direction.” She said, sighing.

After some minutes of silence I finally gave up and nodded. “Okay. Fine.”

Becca grinned like an idiot and ate the rest of my bread. “Great then.”

“Hey! That was MY bread!” I groaned and stood up.

Becca shrugged and then took my glass with Orange juice. She quickly drank it all then kissed my cheek. “I gotta go now. I have plans.” She smiled.

I gasped dramatic. “I thought you only spend your time with me!” I said.

Becca giggled. “Ofcourse I do, what my plans are have actually something to do with you.” She grinned. I furrowed my eyebrows and narrowed my eyes, looking at her. “What is it?” I asked. Becca shrugged. “You'll find out sooner or later. Bye!” Becca quickly said before rushing out from the kitchen.

I let out with a quick sigh before standing up. I grabbed my phone from the kitchen table and unlocked it to see if I had any new messages from him.

Austin. Austin the guy that broke my heart. Austin that made me want to jump out in front of a train. Austin that said it was going to be me and him forever.

“Fuck you.” I muttered then clicked on 'contacts'. Austin would normally be under the 'A' but since I had been so stupid I had called him 'My love.'

I scrolled down until I reached 'M'. I clicked on 'My love' then deleted his number.

It was over. Or this was probably the start.

I let out with a deep sigh before leaving the kitchen. Quickly I ran upstairs to my room. I walked into it and slammed the door then walked to my bed and laid down.

“Stop slamming the door!” My little sister yelled from her room.

I shrugged it off and closed my eyes, then started think about how a One Direction might be. Well, there will obviously be many people.. But.. How many?

I placed my phone beside me and turned a bit around in the bed. “Sissy!” I called.

My sister, Emma walked into my room some minutes later. “What?” She asked, leaning against the door frame. I cleared my throat and sat up.

“Who has the biggest fandom?” I asked softly.

Emma smiled wide. “Justin Bieber. My Justin Bieber. He has over 40 millions Beliebers.” She said softly.

I nodded slowly then cleared my throat.

“What about One Direction?” I asked, smiling a bit.

She frowned then cleared her throat. “Almost as big as Justin's.. But Directioners will never beat us. And they'll never be the best fandom. No way.” Emma chuckled.

Now it was me that was frowning. “What? Why not?”

Emma closed the door and sat down on a chair in my room.

“You see. There is two guys in One Direction. Almost the half of the fandom says they are dating and well the other fandom says they aren't.” Emma explained.

“What? Who?” I asked softly.

Emma shrugged. “Curly haired one and Liam.. Or was it Louis.. I don't know. I really only care about my own idol. Justin.” She smiled before standing up.

I rolled my eyes. “Are you going to any of his concerts this year?” I asked.

Emma was fifteen so she was allowed to travel around here in England to see him.

Emma bit in her lip, shrugging. “I uhm.. I really.. I.” She sighed. “No. But someone is selling tickets soon and I'll see if I can get some tickets then.” She said.

I simply nodded and gave her a small smile.

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