After One Direction all Louis and Eleanor wanted was to settle down and start a family. After discovering that Eleanor couldnt have children, they decided to adopt. Now 16 year old Meagan will finally have a home. Her life will change after moving all the way from the states to England. She will have to learn to tcope with the fame of her parents and start a new life for herself in England.

1. Moving

This was it. after being in foster care since age six, I will finally be leaving. I will have to say good bye to all my friends and then go on a plane to England. I will finally have parents and a new life.

----------------------------------------- The next week

I packed up my belongings and said goodbye to my best friend Carly. I cried as we said our last good byes. I cried while I was on the plane. But soon the plane will be landing and I will have to put on a smile for  my new parents,my new life , and the new me. It will be like a fresh start. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. This will be a good thing. This is what a needed. A family. I hadnt had one in ten years since my parents died when I was six. I had a sister, but she was adopted  five years ago by this young couple who lived in New York. I hadnt seen her since. i know that my new parents were rich, well I assume so because I was flying first class. "Miss the plane will be landing soon," said the flight attendent. This was it. I never really thought about what a great thing this could be for me. I am moving to England with rich parents. I will finally have a family. I will go to school and meet new friends. Maybe I will meet a lot of new friends. Back at my old school no one really wanted to be my friend because to them I was just some girl no one wanted. But here i am wanted. I have a family here. The plane landed. I unbuckled myself ,grabbed my luggage, and walked out of the plane. Where I saw the first glimpse of my new parents. They were in their early thirties. My new mom was pretty with hazel eyes and brown hair. She could be a model if she wanted to. And my new dad had brown hair and blue eyes. They both looked very familiar. Like I had seen them before. I walked towards them and gave them both a hug. "Thank you." I wispered to them. This could be a good thing for me. A fresh start in a new country.

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