My Sister's Fiancé (Fanfiction) - Completed

Scarlett never expected to see Harry Styles again. Ever. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. But what she doesn't that her Step Sister, Amber is bringing home a big surprise for the family. And it's not one Scarlett is going to like...


3. Your sister's coming


Your sister's coming...

Scarlett's POV.

"Scarlett! Your sister gets here in just under 10 minutes!" my mom shouted up the stairs.

I rolled my eyes and muttered, "She's not my sister, mom."

And she wasn't...well not technically anyway. She was my step-sister...

The spoilt brat a.k.a Amber, who unfortunately was the daughter to my step-dad- Jason.

My step-dad who my mom had decided to marry a year back and that ultimately meant that the spoilt brat was present for all family and holiday occasions. Including a month in the summer. Which started today...

As I was related to my mom, that meant I also had to stay at my mom's house on all of these occasions. But I had gotten here a week early to make sure I got the best room. 

Yippee for me.

Although it wasn't so much trouble for me, I only lived a 10 minute walk away. Whereas, Amber lived a full few hours away.

So yeah, she still doesn't count as my sister. Not in my book anyway. I choose to believe she's a devil sent from hell to torture me with her extremely good looks. Doesn't really do wonders for the self-esteem when there's a supermodel staring at you from across the room like you're a piece of trash.

Stuart seems to like her enough though. But that's only because he's male. So that opinion doesn't count because he's completely defenseless against the pull of the "Supermodel type." 

Madison agrees with me though. -Although she always feels the need to point out to me what good fashion sense Amber has. But then again, Madison can't resist the pull of anything to do with clothes and fashion. So that cancels her opinion out too.

So it's just me. And of opinion is completely and utterly accurate in all ways possible.

I rolled out of bed and ended up on by back on the floor somehow. Obviously my ninja powers working.

I looked down at what I was wearing and decided that it was good enough for today. It was only the brat. No one special. 

I walked down the stairs making sure to make as much noise as possible to let my mom know that I was coming. Not that she needed the extra noise, but I figured just in case. Plus, when she heard me coming she always took the opportunity to put my breakfast on. And as it's Friday today, it's Bacon. -Mmmm...The holy grail that is Bacon.

I entered the kitchen to find Jason sat on one of the breakfast counter chairs flicking through the daily newspaper. It was what he did every morning.

"Morning Jason..." I chimed.

He peeked up from his newspaper and smiled, "Morning Scarlett. Good to see you're ready for Amber."

"Sure amm..." I sung.

Mum turned around from the cooker and gasped when she saw me, "Scarlett Rose Parker! What are you wearing?"

I looked down at my pajamas that I had decided were good enough for Amber's arrival. I supposed they weren't.

" jammies." I suggested.

"Go get some decent clothes on before Amber gets here!" she scowled.

I just rolled my eyes and slumped back up the stairs. My choice in outfit obviously hadn't been good enough for mum then.

I managed to slip on a white strappy top and a pair on pink shorts with a turquoise belt.

I did decide to brush my crazy curls into loose waves though before applying a bit of foundation and mascara to make it look like I had at least made an effort for Amber.

I then went over to my bed side table and picked up the locket that I had taken off the previous night. I only ever took it off when I went to bed, but even then I still felt lost without it.

It was a gift from Harry, he had given it to me a week or two before I had left. It was pure gold all the way round and there was an  inscription that said "My girl." on the front. I felt happy and sad whenever I had to put it on, sometimes wishing I had stayed and sometimes just hoping that he was happy


I huffed my way downstairs hoping that my breakfast would be ready. My stomach sounded like there was some sort of animal caged up in there and it definitely wasn't sounding good.

I walked into the kitchen and saw my plate lying there, filled with delicious bacon, eggs and toast. Mmmm...

I started to walk towards it when my mum pulled me into the hallway.

"Mom, I need something to eat." I whined.

"Later, Amber is pulling up." she shushed me.

I just rolled my eyes and let her drag me to the front door. We waited there for what felt like forever whilst my stomach rumbled until sure enough her fancy Porsche came hurtling round the corner and into our driveway.

I just looked down at my toenails as I swayed back and forth with my mom and Jason. 

"Daddddy!" I heard a high pitch squeal sound and I winced.

I then heard clattering high heels and when I looked up, sure enough. It was Amber. In all her supermodel glory. Perfectly tanned skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and killer legs that I would die for. I already felt my jealousy rise before we even entered the house.

"So where's this boy of yours you were telling us all about, huh?" my mom asked excitedly.

Boy? Of course there was a boy, he was probably some supermodel too and I would most likely be drooling all over him for the month. I better practice not making it obvious, I thought to myself.

"Oh, he's just getting the bags. You guys are gonna just love him!" Amber squealed with joy.

"Go help him with the bags, Scarlett." my mom gestured to the car and I just huffed and ran down the driveway to make sure I got my breakfast soon.

As I rounded the corner I spotted a guy rummaging through the boot with his rear end in the air. It was a nice end too. Wonder what the front looked like.

I coughed awkwardly, "Erm...I'm supposed to help you with the bags."

The guy maneuvered his way out of the boot till he was turned to towards me.

I think my gasp must of been loud enough for the whole street to have heard.

"HARRY?" I blurted in shock.

He gave me a look as horrified and as shocked as my own and for a moment I thought we would both end up gawking at each other all day.

It was definitely him. I wasn't just hallucinating it, those were his curls, his eyes and it was him. It had to be him.

"Sc-ar?" he managed to stutter out.

It was him! It was Harry. I felt my mouth spread into a huge smile until then it turned into a frown when I realized why he was here. 

"HAARRY! Where's my bags?" I heard her squeal.

He was with Amber. The spoilt brat.



 Thanks for reading! Hope you like. xo

-I'll be updating later tonight or tomorrow!

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