My Sister's Fiancé (Fanfiction) - Completed

Scarlett never expected to see Harry Styles again. Ever. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. But what she doesn't that her Step Sister, Amber is bringing home a big surprise for the family. And it's not one Scarlett is going to like...


16. Same



Scarlett's POV.

"We're nearly there. I swear." Liam grinned excitedly at me.

I just sighed loudly, I wasn't one for surprises and Liam still hadn't told me where he was taking me.

We made our way through trees, bushes and rocks until Liam turned to me with a knowing smile, "Close your eyes."

I just rolled my eyes, "What are we 5?"

But I closed them anyway.

"No peeking." he laughed.

Liam maneuvered me forward until he stopped "You can open them now." he whispered.

When I did it took my breath away. It was a field, filled with vibrant and colorful flowers everywhere. From pinks to yellows, you name it. A large oak tree towered over the flowers in the distance and it truly was beautiful. 

"Wow, Liam..." I gasped as Liam wrapped his arms round my front.

"You like?" he chuckled.

I turned around to face him and smiled, "I love it!"

I suddenly felt guilty as we started to walk through the field. All I could think about was how much Harry would like this and how much I wish Harry and I could come here sometime. And that was SO wrong when Liam had put all this thought into bringing me here.

I stopped abruptly, "Liam, I can't do this." I confessed.

He looked at me confused, "Do you have hay fever or something?"

I shook my head sadly, "No, I don't."

He just stared at me for a while until realization must have hit him, "I get it. You're not over him."

I felt tears go to my eyes, he didn't even say it like he was judging me, like he should be.

"I just...I want to be, I just don't know how. I just don't want to lead you on like some hoe, even more than I already have." I admitted truthfully.

Liam just wrapped me in my arms as I began to cry, "It's alright. I get it. And for the record, Amber's a bitch." he comforted.

"I don't deserve you." I sniffled into my chest.

He shook his head, "You deserve everything, Scar."

"Oh shut up, you're gonna make me cry harder." I laughed.

"Come on, let's go home and eat." he smiled.

I just nodded. I felt like a complete bitch right now.


Harry's POV.

"Another one." I directed the bartender.

He just gave me a judgmental look before doing as I asked.

It was 4pm and I was already half drunk. Last night, I hadn't gone home till 3am and even then, I stopped at the wrong address twice.

Of course, Amber was mad. But I couldn't care less. Amber had moved the wedding up to in a few weeks, and I was freaking out.

Not only did I need to drown myself in Alcohol because of Scar, but because of that too.

I continued to drink and drink until I heard a high pitched voice that I recognized from behind me.

"Shit." I grumbled.

"HARRY!" Amber squealed from behind me.

I just closed my eyes in a desperate attempt, for her to go away.

But of course, it was Amber. She never went away.

The Bartender sent me a knowing smirk before handing me my cheque.

"Harry! What is wrong with you?" she shrieked as she stood next to me at the bar.

I just rolled my eyes, "Nothing. Just having a drink."

She stomped her foot, "Well we're going home now! You can drink at the weekend, at your Bachelor's party."

I just groaned as I let her pull me along to the car.

When I was well seated in the car, she angrily got into the driver's side.

"What is wrong with you?" she angrily demanded as she turned to face me.

I just sighed, "It's stress." I lied.

"No it's not." she growled.

I just shook my head and looked away.

"Are you cheating on me?" she whispered.

I turned to face her, "No, for god sake. Is it so wrong I wanted a drink?"

She just looked into her lap, "Sorry baby. You're just acting weird since we got here."

"Trust me, I'm just stressed." I confirmed.

She just leaned in and kissed me, "Love you."

I just moved back and mumbled, "Same."

I wish I meant it.


Amber's POV.

Who was she? There was someone. I knew. I could tell.

I just didn't know who. But I was going to find out.

No bitch was ruining my marriage. I needed this marriage. I needed this career boost.



Here it is. So next chapter will be a bit more eventful... Hope you like it! And 150 FANS?! AHH. Amazing. THANK YOU! xo

-Will update either tomorrow or the next day as I'm going to a festival tomorrow.

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