My Sister's Fiancé (Fanfiction) - Completed

Scarlett never expected to see Harry Styles again. Ever. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. But what she doesn't that her Step Sister, Amber is bringing home a big surprise for the family. And it's not one Scarlett is going to like...


7. Dinner with Walker


Dinner with Walker

Scarlett's POV.

We were just entering the posh restaurant now, all dressed up and looking way richer than we actually were. Well except for Harry and Amber...they were pretty rich anyway.

Especially Amber. She was wearing a long, hot pink ball gown. I mean seriously? She looked like she was going to a frickin' prom! Plus it was strapless and low cut...which totally amplified her boob size. Not that she needed it anyway.


I went for a more simpler choice, a black dress which flowed to the floor at the back and went to the knee at the front. I figured it was good for the occasion but as I looked at Amber, I wasn't too sure if I was under dressed or if she was overdressed.

And well Harry...a tux did him good. But I knew that already.

We finally found a rounded table booth that Amber liked and sat down. I panicked when I realized the only seat left was at the end, next to Harry.

"Sit down then. Don't just stand there like a melon." Harry smiled as he patted the seat.

I just gave him a small smile and sat down with crossed arms.

We all looked through our menus for a few moments before the waiter came to our table. 

“What can I get you?” the waiter asked politely. It was a fancy restaurant so the place was crowded with high class people and posh waiters.

We all ordered and sat there talking. Well more like Amber, mom and Jason were talking about the wedding. 

Me, well I just blanked out. And Harry, he was just staring at his cutlery like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

Suddenly I felt a warm breath against my neck and I shivered, "You look nice tonight." Harry's husky voice whispered in my ear.

I closed my eyes as he lingered his lips near my neck. I didn't know if he was doing it intentionally or not, but it was making me crazy. I didn't know how long he was there but it felt like a life time by the time he pulled away.

I fell out of my trance as my eyes traveled to Amber. She was busy talking. 

I looked over to Harry to see him smirking. So not okay. He had done it intentionally. He knew I would react like that. Well...two can play at this game.

I shuffled in my seat closer to him and I saw him lick his lips. I leaned in close to his ear just like he had done to me and whispered, "Go tell that to your Fiancé Harry."

Before I leaned back, I gave his earlobe a quick nip and sat back immediately as he groaned. All eyes on the table turned to him as I sipped on my water innocently.

Amber gave Harry a questioning look and he just coughed awkwardly and said, "I banged my knee on the table."

I smirked to myself as I sipped my water. Sureee he did...

"Hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad." I reached under the table and rubbed his knee soothingly. Harry bolted upright and stiffened when I did it, and it took all the effort I had to not laugh or smile at his response as I pulled away.

When dinner arrived, I couldn't have been happier. I hadn't eaten all day and the drama of the day had made me forget all about that Bacon I had been dreaming about, until now.

We all ate our dinner peacefully and sure enough, I was finished first. Soon enough Harry followed and then mom and Jason. And Amber...well let's just say that meal looked like a full portion to me when she said she was finished.

Mom and Jason saw some friends on a different table and left us on our own as they went to talk to them. I groaned inwardly, great, I'm stuck.

I flicked through the dessert menu to buy time until I looked up and saw Riley Walker. What the hell was he doing here? 

He was a full class jerk and every time I bumped into him, he would either try and get me to go home with him or grope me.

I clenched my fists, "What are you doing here, Walker." 

He smirked at me as he raked my body with his eyes. Head to toe. I felt uncomfortable under his gaze, like I should cover up or something.

"Now much Parker, just out with the fam. Sounded boring at first, but now you're here, I think I'm liking it a lot better." he stared at me with a playful look.

"Well that's cool. Now would you mind going? You're kinda ruining the atmosphere for me." I made a face like I smelled something horrid.

He just chuckled and ran his hands through his thick sandy blonde hair, "You know you want me, babe."

"The thing is... I really don't." I growled.

"Look mate, take the hint. She's not interested." Harry snapped as he glared at Riley.

Riley just smirked at Harry, "What are you going to do about it, Curly?"

"Just leave him babe, he's obviously playing." Amber rubbed Harry's arm and pulled his chin to look at her, trying to get him to stop paying attention to me and Riley. But that just made him stiffen even more.

I stood up before Harry did something stupid, "Loo-" I started before Riley grabbed my waist and pulled me up against him.

"Get. Off. Of. Me." I shoved at his chest but he wouldn't move. I was trapped.

I struggled in his grasp but he just tightened it, "Stop, you're making people look at us." he grinned.

Just then his hands went down to cup my ass.

I gasped, "You sick Bast-"

I didn't get to finish that sentence before I banged my hip into the table before tumbling to the ground whilst Riley was sent flying across the room. 

Harry was a few feet away from me, and kicking the living daylights out of Riley.

"Shit." I cursed. 



Just in case you are wondering, here's how I imagine Riley...


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