My Sister's Fiancé (Fanfiction) - Completed

Scarlett never expected to see Harry Styles again. Ever. It was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. But what she doesn't that her Step Sister, Amber is bringing home a big surprise for the family. And it's not one Scarlett is going to like...


8. Break my heart?


Break my heart?

Harry's POV

We entered the house then, whilst Carla began to scream at us all.

I didn't know what I was thinking. I just got so angry at the dick-wad that I just had to hit him. Plus he touched Scarlett and that's when things really started to boil over for me. It seemed like the logical thing to do as soon as his hands touched her- Ughhh I can't even think about it without getting angry.

He couldn't touch her. She wasn't his...and she wasn't mine either, I had to remind myself about that. But I wasn't just going to let him cop a feel without her consent. Hell, I wouldn't have let him cop a feel, even with her consent.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Carla screamed at us all.

Scarlett just flopped onto the sofa as she rubbed her side. Had she hurt herself?

Amber started rambling like she was some horrified victim in a traumatic event, "Well Scarlett's little boyfriend is what happened! She had to invite him over there and then she was teasi-" 

"Hey, wait two secs missy...1. He is not my boyfriend and 2. I sooo did not invite him over to our table, he invited himself and 3. If I'm right about what you were going to say next, I didn't do that either so stop acting like some traumatized little drama queen." Scarlett sat up and glared at Amber.

Amber just shrieked dramatically and stormed upstairs, "I'm going to bed!"

I refrained from rolling my eyes and just stood there under Carla's glare whilst Jason went to go see to Amber.

"I was defending Scarlett." I shrugged.

Carla pinched her brow, "I appreciate that Harry, I just wish you could have done it in a less violent way." she walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek, "Goodnight, love."

Carla ascended the stairs as Scarlett went to follow her.

"Hey, not so fast." I called.


Scarlett's POV.

I turned around and sighed, "What, Harry?"

"We need to talk." He looked at me with a desperate look.

I just frowned, "There's nothing to talk about Harry."

"You know that's a damn right lie, Scar!" Harry bellowed.

My eyes widened and Harry started to pace as he ran his hands through his hair. I smiled to myself, "You still do that."

Harry just gave me a weird look.

"Run your hands through your hair when you're stressed." I pointed to his hands which were running back and forth through his hair.

He smirked, "You remembered."

I shrugged.

"Can we sit down and talk?" Harry pleaded with me.

I closed my eyes in thought, we needed to do this, "Sure." I smiled.

We sat down on the sofa and turned the TV on so it was impossible for everyone upstairs to here us.

"I'm so sorry, Scar..." Harry bowed his head into his lap.

I groaned, "First of all, don't keep calling me Scar. And secondly, what's there to be sorry for? I told you to move on and find a Supermodel. You did just that. It just kinda sucks that the Supermodel is my Step-Sister." 

Harry stared at me with sad eyes, "I guess..."

"So how's life been Harold? Being a huge celeb and all..." I smiled trying to ease some of the tension.

He sucked in a huge breath, "To be honest, it sucks. I mean there are some good points but it gets kind of lonely even though you're surrounded by a bunch of people."

I felt sorry for him, that's why I had gotten out when I had a chance. It's not like I wanted to leave Harry, I just didn't want to have that lifestyle.

I nodded sympathetically, "That's why I left Harry..." I whispered.

"I know." he sighed.

I frowned, "At least you have Amber, eh? She seems to like it."

He rolled his eyes, "Yeahhh..." he said sarcastically.

I sighed and took a deep breath, this was the question that was either going to break my heart completely or stitch it back together a bit more.

"Why are you marrying her, Harry?" I looked deep into my eyes as I said it.

He took a deep breath and his cheeks turned a deep red as he looked away, "Why do you think, Scar-lett?"  

"I don't know. But she doesn't seem like your type, Harry." I bit my lip to stop myself from spilling out too much about how wrong she was for him.

He just laughed humorlessly, "And you are?" and then his face turned serious, "Because you sort of ruined that when you left."

"Well you didn't come after me, y'know!" I scowled.

I felt tears brimming my eyes, but I held them back.

"I love her and that's more than what I could ever say for you." he growled as he looked in the opposite direction to me.

I stood up and slapped him hard across the face as a tear splashed onto my cheek, "Go to hell, Harry. I'm sure Amber will be waiting there for her little bitch boy!" I spat.

I saw a pained expression on Harry's face but I didn't care. I turned around and ran upstairs as fast as I could. I felt like my heart was splitting in two. Like it was torn already and now everything was just blown wide open.

I reached my bedroom and slammed the door. As soon as I was fully inside, I started crying hysterically as I slid down the back of my bedroom door. Did he mean what he said? Had he ever really loved me? He never came after me...

I tried to hold in the tears, but they just kept coming and coming. There was no stopping them. I hadn't cried for years and here I was, bawling my eyes out over the same guy I had years ago...Harry Styles.

One thing I knew for sure, is that Amber and Harry didn't belong together. And I knew that Harry knew it too. That's why he got so angry. He may believe that he's in love with her, but she wouldn't make him happy. Not one bit.

I held my head in my hands and continued crying for what felt like hours. When I finally stopped, I had come to a conclusion. Harry Styles had broke my heart. He had ruined me. And y'know what, I wasn't okay with that. So I was going to get revenge, whether that meant stopping the wedding or just making his life for the next month, a living nightmare. I was going to do it. Do it all.



Special shout out to Eleanor Calderxx✓ a.k.a ✔LittleMissB0108 

Super sweet and thank you again for those mumbles you posted!

-Will be updating either later tonight or tomorrow. (You see a pattern here) :D xo

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