The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


45. Waking Up

I woke up with my head throbbing and breath smelling terrible. As I got up to a sitting position, my head felt like it was on fire. I pulled my hand up to my head to try and stop it, but it didn't work. "Ugh." I groaned as I looked up and around the room I was in. It looked really familiar to me, and that's when I realized it was Harry's room. I smiled knowing that he cared to take me from.... Where did I come from?

"Hello love." a voice said beside me. To my right side was Harry with a glass of water and something cupped in his hand. "Nice to see you awake." he smiled.

I tried my best to smile back at him. "Yeah," I croaked while Harry handed me the glass of water. "How'd I get here? What happened last night?" I took a sip and the ice cold water felt so good running down my throat but it didn't help the headache problem.

Harry sighed. "Long story, here, take these first." he said, handing me pills. I gulped them down with some water and looked at Harry who was smiling.

"What?" I asked and laughed.

He smiled a cheeky smile. "You look cute with bed hair."

I lifted my hand and felt that my hair was fizzy. "Oh my god." I said, patting it down while Harry laughed. "What the hell happened last night?"

"Do you really want to know?" he asked.

Nodding I joked, "Yes please! Before I go mad."

Harry stared at me for a while before saying, "Scoot over." I moved over for him to lay down next to me. He did as I thought and I laid my head down on his stomach for more comfort. Harry started to play with my hair as he began talking and cleared his throat. "Okay, what parts do you remember before you blacked out the first time?"

"Woe, woe, woe. The first time? I blacked out more than once?" I asked.

"Yup." he said, popping the 'p'.

Well, shit. "Ugh." I groaned, trying remembering everything about what happened last night. Let's see... I remember meeting Taylor Lautner whose actually British, I remember seeing Niall naked, and dancing with Tabi and Harry... "The last thing I remember was dancing with you after you cleaned up Niall for like 20 minutes."

"You mean grinding?" he questioned.

"Er yeah, grinding." I said.

Harry was quite for a second and chuckled a little bit. "That wasn't me, remember?"

"What? No?"

"Yeah, it was Zayn."

My heart stopped as did my breathing. There is no way I would grind on Zayn or even be near him! But then I remembered..."Aye baby....take a drink...let's get a room...". "Ash, what....get away from her...!" I didn't want to admit that I did, but I went a head and told him, " yeah, I do now."

Harry patted my back. "It's fine you didn't know and you got spiked."

"What?" I asked, clearly confused and head still some-what throbbing.

"It's when people drug the drink and people go and do crazy things they normally wouldn't do. That's what Zayn did to you when he gave you a drink."

Shit. "Okay," I said waving my hand, "Tell the story."

He sighed. "Let me start from the beginning since you said I was cleaning up Niall forever. So it had been just a little while after we had gotten Niall upstairs and through the crowd when he started asking about you, 'where's Ashton, I want to see her.' you know, that stuff. I told him that you were down stairs, probably with Tabi and the only thing he said was, 'Zayn's down there. I saw him and heard that he was gonna try to get Ashton and, well. I don't remember what was after that.' So I looked at Liam and he looked back at me. Then Liam told me 'Go ahead, I got Niall. I don't want that bastard to touch her.' I didn't have to say anything to him because I rushed out of the washroom. But when I was about halfway down the stair case Sophia was in front of me."

Harry paused and I looked at him to continue.

"She had stopped me and said, 'Wow Harry didn't expect to see you here.' and she started to touch my arm and flirt with me and stuff, but I pushed her arm away and told her, well why wouldn't I be here for my girlfriends party? She just looked at me like I was stupid and then she said, 'Harry you look hot in those clothes. Maybe we should get a room to cool off.' But she was swaying back and forth and her eyes weren't dilated, so I could tell that she was drunk."

Harry was playing with his hands at this point and I knew that something bad was about to come up. My stomach started to do backflips at this point also. I looked at him to continue again.

"Um-well... I told her no, but she insisted that we go get a room. But again I told her no and that I have to go and find you. Well that made her pissed and she grabbed my hand and said, 'do you know how happy you would be if you were with me and not that slut?!' That made me pissed and I screamed right back in her face and said well look who's talking! My girlfriends a virgin!... Her face turned bright red and a swear to you that she was the devil for a second. Her face got all scrunched up and she was just pissed. She smacked me and looked at me for a while before.. before she..."

Harry wouldn't continue what he was about to say. "What Harry?" He was quite for a while. "Harry you have to tell me what happened!"

"Okay!" he shouted with tears in his eyes. "She kissed me." he whispered.

It felt like I had just been punched in the stomach by someone and I just wanted to cry. "Harry..." I said, but nothing came out. "Um.." I said trying to find someway to even things out. "Well. Now we are even. I was grinding on Zayn and- and Sophia kissed you."

"I guess..." Harry mumbled.

"Please continue with the story."

Harry wiped a tear off his cheek and continued.

"After she did that I pushed her off and... well I smacked her." Somehow that made me feel a lot better, but Harry hitting a girl? No way... "I know it was dumb to do, but I needed to find you. And when I did, I saw you grinding on someone, but when I found out it was Zayn I punched him. You were swaying back and forth like you were drunk and that's when I asked if you were okay, and after that you passed out."

"Okay," I said while interrupting him. "That is all I remember, but continue."

Harry smiled and went back to being serious again.

"After you passed out I had picked you up and straightened out your dress so your knickers weren't showing." I looked up at him with a confused looked. "Underwear." I nodded to let him know we were on the same page again. "Anyway, I straightened it out and got you to lay down on the sofa. Liam came down with Niall and Taylor had rushed over to me after seeing what happened. He was freaking out because he thought that Zayn or I had hit you in the fight and knock you out. But I told him what happened and Louis came into view and started to yell at Zayn who was already passed out on the floor. Well Taylor dragged him up to the bathroom because his shirt was completely ruined and stained with stuff I don't even want to know, and Liam went after Peyton, Niall, and Tabi. Shortly after that you woke up and Sophia came back from downstairs and looked at me, yet once she saw Zayn she ran over to him and was shaking him to wake up. You were looking at me like you were confused and mad to see Sophia there, so you got up and went over to here and told her to leave with Zayn."

He paused to catch his breath and looked at me. "So I guess I wasn't drunk?" I questioned.

He laughed. "Not yet."

"Wait what!"

"Anyway, she turned around and got up in your face and you were cursing at each other. I had to pull you away from her because you both were about to explode. So when I did, you pulled your arms out of my hands and when she went to go hit you, you smacked her hand and nailed her right in the face! Hard too! She was lights out for the rest of the night with Zayn."

I looked at him. "I thought you said I blacked out again?"

"Yeah, but after you knocked the daylight out of Sophia, you went to go drink with Niall and Louis and Tabi and Sian. Peyton and Liam and I barely drank. Liam was Niall's ride, along with Tabi and Peyton. We had to take Louis and Sian home. But the way you and Sian were drinking, the both of you past out on top of each other." Harry laughed. "But then we came back here."

Hm. So that's why my head hurts. But I still don't understand why Zayn and Sophia wanted to get us separately with them alone in a room. "Do you know why Sophia asked to get a room with you and Zayn asked me too?" I asked.

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, you?"

I thought for a second. "Well, maybe they still have feelings for the both of us or they don't and they want us to be torn apart, and if Sophia would've had you in a room, Zayn asked me too and if he knew which room you guys were in while we walked in, they would know I would've been mad and might have left. Zayn would then want to be there for me and Sophia would try to be there for you."

Harry nodded. "Smart girl, but that doesn't explain why he spiked it though."

"It kind of does actually." I said thinking about it. "This might be weird but, could you taste that Sophia had been drinking when she kissed you?"

"What? Uh... Not really? It was faint."

"Exactly. I had only drank one small beer that was spiked and you probably couldn't smell it on me. Zayn probably spiked her to make her do that to distract you to do that while he did that to me, so when I would see you guys together in a room, it would supposedly 'brake my heart' and I would go straight to Zayn and pass out. Not knowing what he would do to me for a bit, and when I wake up, tell me a complete different story making me be on his side and not yours. Also making Sophia look like an idiot for not knowing anything."

Where the hell did that come from? I never think like that!

Harry stared at me speechless and was frozen. "Where, in the hell... did you think of that?"

I laughed. "I don't know but that's what I was thinking!"

Harry joined in with me and started laughing also until we were cut off by my phone ringing. I bent over to the nightstand and grabbed my phone and answered it and put it on speaker. "Hello?"

"Hi sweetie! Mom here! Um, how was the party?" she asked.

I looked at Harry. 'How does she know?' I mouthed. He shrugged his shoulders and stayed quite. "Oh, uh. It was fun, uh why?"

"Oh well, it's nice to know that you wouldn't tell me anything about it until I hear it in a phone call when you butt dialed me."

I looked at Harry. Shit. "Sorry mom. What'd you hear?" I asked, cautiously.

"Well, I heard you curse out another girl and someone getting hit in the face and loud music."

"That's all?" I asked.

"Yeah, but you know what? I'll let it go." she said calmly.

Harry looked at me weird. "Why?" I said surprised.

"Because I was like that when I was younger also. Anyway, enough chit-chat. I want you home for your present!" she exclaimed.

"Present?" me and Harry said at the same time.

She was quite for a while. "Um, yeah. Who are you with."

"Uh, Harry." I said.

"Oh! Okay, well. You both can come over and use your birthday present together!"

Harry and I looked at each other. Harry was smirking and I could tell he was thinking of something dirty and perverted. I hit him playfully. "Okay mom we will be over in an hour."

"Okay! See you then! Love you!"

"Love you too." and with that I hung up.

Harry and I both sighed. "We can't go over there smelling like beer. We should get cleaned up first."

I nodded and got out of bed and stood up stretching. "That would be a good idea."


( Sorry for the crappy chapy! Ha that rhymed! Comment and Like for More!!!)

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