The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


12. The Game

When we got there it was PACKED! Niall couldn't find a spot so we had to park the car in the lawn of the school. Of course, Niall opened the door for Jillian and I. We both got out and went to the ticket both to get in. I reached in my pocket and Niall stopped my hand and said, "Ah-ah-ah! I got it." And winked at me. I blushed and thanked him as we walked in.

His sister ran off right as we walked in. We luckily got to sit in the front row. I looked down and saw the cheerleaders. It shocked me when I saw Tabi cheering. She must have saw me because she lit up when she saw me. She smiled and waved, I did the same back and pointed behind me. Tabi started blushing and squealing. 'Thank you!' She mouthed. 'Your welcome.' I mouthed back. Niall grabbed my hand just after Tabi turned around and started cheering again. I looked at him and we sat down. He let go of my hand and started cheering for team. I looked back up and saw Harry's number. Zayn was standing by Harry. He looked at me and smirked then put his helmet on and ran out onto the field. This was gonna be a long game.


                                                             ~           .             ~


Half the time I was watching the game instead of watching the cheer leaders. The boys won 14 to 7. It was actually a pretty intense game. "Hey you came!" I turned around and saw Harry running towards me. He picked me up so gracefully pulling me into a hug. "Sorry if I smell like sweat." He said into my ear.

"Ha, it's fine. Everybody sweats." I said back in his ear. He set me back down and looked at me right in the eyes. "Are you going Niall's cookout?"

"Um, probably." I said chuckling. Harry smiled and out of no where he stumbled upon me. Our bodies touching each other. He wrapped his arms around my waist our foreheads touching as he caught me. It felt so right. He was breathing kinda heavy being startled like that. Thank goodness he caught me. He smiled and looked into my eyes.

Then, "HARRY WE WON!" We both turned. Louis, of course. He jumped on Harry again. This time bridal style.

"Ugh! Louis get off me!" cried Harry then dropped Louis back down.

I felt a hand go around my waist and mouth and suddenly I was being picked up and dragged to the back of the school. I screamed and kicked when a voice finally said, "Shhh. I'm not gonna hurt you. I promise." I somehow obeyed. I stopped doing what I was doing. Nobody was around to see anything so it was kinda useless. The back of the school was dark and they let go of me and grabbed me by the arm. "Don't scream." And they let go of my mouth. The voice sounded really familiar. I was then suddenly slammed up against the wall. Warm soft lips were thrown up against mine and our bodies were touching. Something was hard. Like, not boner hard. Chest hard. I smelt his cologne. That's when I knew who it was. I pushed him back. He was gasping for air. "I've been waiting to do that for such a long time." He said.

"..Zayn?" I asked.

He laughed. "You guessed right love." he said as he flipped out his phone. I was right. It was Zayn.

"What- What do you want?"

"Oh nothing. I just really, really like you." He said smirking. Zayn had his phone in his hand, which was up against the wall so I could see his face. I blushed. That's when he said, "Anyway, my mom's not suppose to be home until Sunday." He looked at me," So. Do you wanna come over? I'm gonna need a cuddling buddy." And winked at me. I just starred at him. He smirked and grabbed me by the hand and we ran towards his car.



                                                                         ~    .    ~


We ended up at his house and he helped me out of the car. He rushed up to the door with his hand in mine. When he opened the door he took off his shoulder pads and threw them on the couch, grabbed my waist and started kissing me, which he then started to make out with me. His tongue was massaging the inside of my mouth. It felt really weird.... Then he let go and dragged me up stairs to his room. He opened his bedroom door, which smelt very good, it smelt like his cologne, and shut the door behind us. He slammed me up against the wall and put his body up against mine. He started making out with me. We weren't there for long when he threw me on the bed and got on top of me. He went down the side of my neck kissing it. He was on top of me when leaned up to take his shirt off. Zayn came back down crashing his lips back on mine. My hands went on his warm chest and slid down. I could feel his abs. Damn! Six pack?! Fuck. His hand slid down to my waist and slowly went up my shirt. He was close to my bra when he slipped his hand out quick and he stopped kissing me and looked at me breathing really heavily. "Maybe another time babe. Night." He said and turned around and away from me then got underneath the covers. What... the fuck... just happened?.... Shit. I looked at my phone. I had three missed calls from mom and Harry and messages saying, 'where are you?' , 'checkin in.' , 'call me now!' , ' are you ok?!' , etc. I looked at what time it was. 10:45pm. Shit! I'm gonna be dead! I rolled over and looked at Zayn ,who was sound asleep, and got up and went down the stairs and out the door. I started crying. I've never felt this way before. I felt so lonely. I decided I had one option left. I took out my phone and dialed a number. It rang a couple times until someone answered.

"Hello?" said a husky voice. I was relieved.



(A/N-- Cliff hanger! ;) Wander what's gonna happen next? What's she gonna do about Zayn? And with Harry? ;)) Like and Favorite and I'll update! Thanks! xoxo! <3 )

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