The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


33. Sectionals

I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock going off. Ugh. Waking up at 4 in the morning is hard. Especially when you have to be there two hours early before the game.

Zayn's arms were wrapped around me and we were facing each other. I got out of his arms and slowly got out of bed while rubbing my eyes and yawning. As soft as I could, I tried to wake up Zayn by shaking him awake softly. He groaned. "Zayn, get up. We have to get ready." my voice cracked.

He groaned again. "Zayn seriously come on." I said.

"Shut up! God women give me five more minutes. Damn." he growled.

Fuck it then. "Well good morning to you to." I say sarcastically as I rolled my eyes and got up. I grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom to get changed. Just finishing up getting dressed, I put on some make up and threw my hair up in a pony tail.

I walked out to see Zayn still laying in bed asleep. "Zayn come on, get up."


"Zayn don't make me.." I warned. He didn't say anything.

Hm. I went into the bathroom and got a cup full of cold water and walked back over to him.

"Zayn, if you don't get up in three seconds, then your getting ice cold water all over you." Still nothing. "One....Two....." Still nothing. He just flinched. Fine. "Thre-" I was about to pour it on him when,

"Okay fine! Stop!" he screamed sitting up. "I'm going, I'm going. Jeez." he said walking past me into the bathroom. He came out about 15 minutes later, dragging along.

"What took you so long?" I asked.

He looked at me, his eyes squinted. "It's 4:30 in the fucking morning. You expect me to be fast?"

I rolled my eyes at him as I turned around. "Someone's in a pissy mood." I mumbled.

Zayn heard me and went, "What did you just say?"

"You heard me. Is it because it's early?" I say sarcastically.

"Yeah, let's put it and leave it at that."

I walked down stairs with him and out the door. I just really hope he will change for the game...


~  .  ~


(Skip to Sunday)


Today is the boys last game for sectionals, they made it to the final two! Too bad Niall couldn't be here. He's at a family cook out.

We were cheering and trying to get the crowd on their feet, if they weren't already. You could tell most of them were tired because it's probably close to midnight. But hey, we don't have school tomorrow!

5 seconds on the clock and we had the lead!

The boys were in a huddle, discussing what to do while we were cheering,

We are! *clap clap* The Bull Dogs! *clap clap* We are the Bull Dogs! *clap clap, clap clap clap.*


Just then the crowd went wild and the whistle blew. "Yeah! Go Bull Dogs! Woo!" I screamed, with Tabi by my side.

Everybody put their eyes back on the game. The other team was close to getting the last touch down. "Will, 67, 53, HIKE!" a guy screamed from the other team.

The quarter back stepped back. With out hesitation, he threw it to the deep corner in the in zone. And might I add, a FREAKING PERFECT THROW! The crowd covered their faces, we were about to lose the game. I couldn't breathe.

Out of no where, and I mean NO WHERE, Zayn intercepts the throw and falls out of bounce once the bell rang. I gasped for air, the crowd went WILD! We just got saved from the other team getting a touch down, and won the game, all because of my amaZAYN boyfriend! Tabi screamed and we hugged each other, jumping up and down. Everybody was all over Zayn and things were thrown up in the air.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry and Louis hugging each other and jumping around. Seeing him happy really warmed my heart. He looked at me and I swear, the world stopped moving. We were looking at each other, eye and eye, and believe it or not. He smiled at me. I smiled back and gave him a thumbs up. I'm just happy he's not mad at me.

Zayn came running over towards me, along with the rest of the team. He had his arms wide open and was close to me, his smile huge, when I waited for his arms to come and wrap around me and lift me up, that never happened. He ran past me and I heard a squeal come from behind me. My heart dropped and shattered into a million pieces after being stabbed multiple times, at what I saw behind me as I turned around. Zayn had picked up, Sophia Gardner and was hugging her and spinning her around... Just how he used to hug me.

He set her down and looked at her right in the eye's. "Oh babe! I'm so glad you won!" She sai as she pulled his face in and kissed him.

Tears burned in my eyes at what I was seeing. They stopped and Zayn put his arm around her waist and looked at me smirking. "What the hell Zayn!" I exclaimed.

"What?" he asked, looking like nothing had happened.

Harry was by my side now. "What's goin-"

"Was this just a fucking game to play me?!" I screamed.

Zayn and Sophia laughed. I was about to charge at her when Harry held on to my wrist. "Wow, you are actually smarter than I thought you were. But obviously not now." He faked a gasp. "You didn't think I actually had feelings for you, did you?" Tears started streaming down my face like a fountain. He smirked. "I'll take that as a yes then."

I turned around and ran into the school with someone calling after me. I buried my face into my hands as I went to my locker. When I opened it, there were pictures everywhere of Zayn and I together. I still even kept a rose and the note he gave me in there. How pathetic are you? I told myself. I ripped up the note and pictures and threw them on the ground, stepping on them.

I fell against the wall and slid down while I laid my head on my knees. He just made me feel like a dumbass. He played me. I fell under his spell. Made me feel like nothing... I should've listened to them. Harry... Louis... Liam...Niall, but actually started to like him. Tabi did too. Not for long, I thought.

The one thing I remember telling Harry all the time was, 'Don't worry! If I get hurt, I get hurt. That's my fault.' How could I be so stupid?



Harry's P.O.V.


I saw Ashton turn around as Zayn ran past her. Wonder what's going on..

I walked over by Ashton to see Zayn with his arm wrapped around... Sophia? What did I miss? "What's goin-"

Ashton cut me off before I could ask anything. "Was this just a fucking game to play me?!" she screamed. Shit. She's gonna blow.

Zayn and Sophia laughed at her. I noticed how mad she was with her fist in a ball when I grabbed her wrist, keeping her back. "Wow, you are actually smarter than I thought you were. But obviously not now." He said to her, then faked a gasp. "You didn't think I actually had feelings for you, did you?" Ashton started to cry while he smirked at her. "I'll take that as a yes then."

She turned around and ran into the school with Tabi running after her. I looked back at him. "What the fuck Zayn!" I said pushing him back.

"Woe there Harry." he snarled at me. He took a step closer to me when Sophia got in the middle of us.

Louis was by my side now. "What happened? Where's Ash?" he asked curious.

I took my eyes off of him and turned to Louis with Liam coming to join us. "This motherfucker right here played AND cheated on Ashton! He played her!"

Louis face got a bright red color. Him and Ash had gotten really close when me and her were really good friends. Louis and Ash are, probably closer together than Ash and I are. They are like brother and sister to each other.

"What?!" Louis yelled trying the charge at him. I held him back. "How dare you hurt her! You prick!" he spat.

"Louis!" he looked at me. "He's not worth it." Louis nodded as we looked back at Zayn.

He smirked. "Guys, chill out." said Sophia.

Zayn laughed. "Yeah, Harry. Come on. We're going to state." he smirked.

Boy did I want to hit him hard. They both turned around to go take pictures when Liam was standing there with a questionable look on his face. "Uh, did I miss something?" he asked, with his finger pointing out.

"I'll tell you later, lad." I said giving him a pad on the shoulder.

He just looked at me nodded. "Whatever you say."

We took pictures with the team, while Zayn, of course, held the plaque in the front row. I took a couple pictures with Louis' family and sent my mom a picture of me with the plaque.

Me: Hi mum! Hope you're having fun on your business trip! We won Sectionals, State here we come! Hope you will be there! Love you, xx- Harry

I looked up and Louis was telling Liam about what happened. Liam looked pretty pissed, but Louis told him to calm down and stay away from him. I sighed and turned around to jog into the school, hoping, to find Ash.



Ashton's P.O.V.



I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up. Tabi was standing there with a sad face. She held out her hand and pulled me into a hug, making me stand up. I sobbed into her shoulder. "Why me Tabi? Why me!"

She pulled me away and looked at me. "I don't know Ash. But first let's go get you cleaned up." she said about to walk away. "Oh," she bent down and picked up the torn up pictures and flat rose. "Let's get rid of these."

We both smiled and walked into the girls locker room bathroom. Tabi looked at me, then flipped out a lighter, making the flame jump. She held it under the torn up pictures and lit them on fire, throwing them in the sink. We watched it all crumble up and turn to ash. She then cut off the rose head and threw it into the trash can. Tabi sighed and looked at me. "There. No memory of him now." she said, giving me a reassuring smile.

I failed to smile, but to only cry more. She held me in her arms as we sat down on the bench. "Sh, sh. It's okay hun." I sobbed on her shoulder uncontrollably. She lifted me up and looked at my tear stained face as she wiped her finger across my cheek. "You wanna talk about it?"

I nodded and told her everything. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. About what first happened when we were together, about what Harry and the boys said about him,  to the last detail that happened about 30 minutes ago.

Tabi looked at me with sorrow in her eyes. "Did I say too much?" I asked.

She shook her head. "You never say enough." She pulled me into a hug, embracing me tightly.

"I've missed you Ashton." she mumbled.

"I know. I've missed you too." I mumbled back. See, this is why I love Tabi. She's a good listener, always there being supportive, and she's like a sister to me.

We pulled away as we heard the door get slammed open and an angry yet sad Harry walked in. Tabi got up. "I'll just leave you two alone." she said walking over to the door giving me a playful wink before walking out.

Harry sat down next to me. He looked at me for the longest time, us not saying anything. I finally reached for him and embraced him into a bear hug. He embraced me back, putting his arms around me. I sobbed into his chest. "I am so sorry Harry. For everything. I should've listened to you."


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