The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


47. Last Week of School


School just got out about 30 minutes ago and there was no sign of Zayn or Sophia at school all day. Harry had homework so he's not here right now, plus his parents came home after we got out of school and he wanted to see them. He asked me if I wanted to go but I told him I was working on something and he understood I guess. So I won't see him until tomorrow.

I get out of my thoughts and look around my basement with a tarp under my feet and the light reflecting off the concrete walls beside and behind me. My back is facing the corner and my easel is in front of me. I look down at my trembling hand with a picture in it. A picture of my dad. I look back up at the white, blank canvas a head of me as a tear ran down my cheek and I picked up a pencil. Well, I thought, here goes nothing.




*BEEEEEEEEEP* I roll over and hit the snooze button. 1 day down, 4 more to go. Ugh, I am so ready for summer!

~  .  ~


There was a hand on my shoulder as I turned around and saw Harry. He looked kind of, well, I don't know how to explain it. Worried? Scared? Surprised? "Guess who's back?" he asked with a brow up.

"Uh..." I started, but looked past him and down the hall to Sophia's locker and saw her and Zayn standing by each other. I sighed and looked at him. "Sophia and Zayn." I simply stated.

"Yeah, and they are pissed!" he said, exaggerating the word 'pissed'.

I shut my locker. "So?"

We started walking down to builders club, which goes right past Sophia's locker, as Harry said, "So? Ash, I've heard that she's going to-"

He was cut off by someone slapping me, making me drop my books and my hair going into my face. I turned to look at who it was and saw a pissed off Sophia with a lightly bruised cheek bone. "That's what you fucking get for hitting me Friday you bitch!" she screamed at me with her brows furrowed and wrinkles at the top of her head.

"Okay. One, language, watch what you call me and say to me. And two? You deserved it for trying to get my boyfriend to sleep with you." I stated with a high, preppy tone like her voice.

"Pf," she flipped her hair, "He was all over me." she smirked. Zayn pulled her back and had a look of, jealousy?

I smirked knowing that they went to far. "Okay Sophia. Enough." he warned.

"Oh no," I begged, "Please, tell me more oh wise one." I said sarcastically and placing my hand under my chin.

Sophia and Zayn gave me the most dirtiest look ever and I thought she was gonna hit me, but she came up to me and got in my face. "Fuck off." she said.

That's it, I'm tired of her shit. I pushed her away from me. "Like I said, watch what you say to me." I warned. Blood rising inside of me.

She smirked and came closer to me and whispered in my ear. "Or what? Are you going to hit me? Because I would love to see you try."

"How much do you want to bet." I growled.

A couple of people stopped in the hallway and watched us. Zayn was glaring at me, but I couldn't tell what Harry was doing behind me. "Everything." she said. She backed off and looked at me. "You know I stole Harry's virginity?" My fists clutched tight and I could fell myself turn red from anger.

Harry grabbed my wrist, "Let's go, she's not worth our time."

I pulled my hand back and still looking at Sophia I said, "No this bitch needs a lesson."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, so scary!" she faked a small scream and continued. "You now, he's very good." she said walking towards me, twirling a piece of her hair. My jaw clutched also now. "Oh Harry," she moaned, "That's what it was like. Oh Sophia!" she exclaimed twirling around. I could see in my peripheral vision that Zayn was staring down Harry behind me. More people gathered around now and was waiting for something to happen.

"He never did that." I said protecting Harry.

"Oh but he did." she seductively said.

"Say one more thing, and I will hit that accent right out of your mouth." I warned. Ashton Bear is about to come out and it won't be pretty.

She smirked and whispered in my ear, "He felt sooooo good." and walked backwards to her spot and sighed. She's about to fucking get it. Sophia pointed behind her and said, "He was better than the guy you fucked behind me."

That's it. I exploded and jumped on her screaming. I pushed her up against the locker as Zayn ran off to the side. I slammed her head up against the locker by her hair. "Take it back bitch!" I snarled. She didn't say anything but nudge me off of her. I fell back onto the floor with a ball of hair in my hand.

"Never!" she screamed running towards me.

I put my foot up and kicked her in the stomach making her hunch over. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head up, punching her in the face once and throwing her onto the ground. Harry started to yell at me with Zayn telling us to stop. I looked back at them,"Stay out of this!" I yelled.

I turned around and Sophia hit me on the cheek. She sucks at hitting people. I grabbed her hand and twisted it around. She screamed out in pain as she fell to the floor. I heard someone go, 'this is hot.' and someone else getting punched. I turned around and saw that Harry had tackled Zayn to the floor. Dick. They started fighting and throwing punches as soon as Liam, Niall and Louis started to separate them, which Harry only had a red jaw and Zayn had another bloody lip. Peyton, Sian, and Tabi came to view and was pulling me off of Sophia. Peyton held back Sophia and Tabi and Sian had to held me back because of how bad I exploded.

"Take it back!" I screamed at her. "I never had sex with Zayn! I'm a virgin you slut!"

Sophia looked at me and was about to say something when her mom came into view with her hands on her hips. "What's going on?!"


~  .  ~




Well... Tuesday, Wednesday and today went okay. I didn't get expelled or detention for beating up the assistant principal's daughter and to my surprise, shocked me. But I'm pretty sure she saw the video about what was happening and stopped it in time before anything serious happened. The only thing I got out of it was just a little red mark on my cheek bone and Harry got a small bruise on his shoulder and under his chin. Oh yeah, and I got kicked off the cheer team, but oh well. There loss. I have the whole summer to me now.

All of her little groupie keep on messaging me and sending me threats. Along with Zayn also. Some of them really hurt. And I just want to hit something or brake down and cry.

I look at the canvas in front of me and start painting some blue on it. Then everything they said came back into mind. "You're not good enough." "You're a terrible person." "You're such a bitch." " Screw you whore!" "Fuck off slut." "Attention whore." "How many guys have you fucked?" "Bitch." "Quit lying! We all now you're not a virgin!"

Whore, slut, bitch. That's all they could call me. Tears formed in my eyes. This never happened back in America. I just want to go home. I screamed and scooped up some paint with my paint brush and threw it at the painting. Then I repeatedly did it over and over and over again until I heard the door close from upstairs. But I decided to ignore it and continue what I was doing. Harry came down the stairs to the basement and looked at me with a worried expression. "Babe! What's wrong?" he asked. Harry came over to me and looked at the painting and his eyes widened. "What are you doing?! Your ruining it!" he exclaimed.

"I don't care Harry!" I screamed still focused on the painting.

Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. I tried to get away but his hand grip tightened. "Ashton stop! Tell me what's going on!" he said with tears of his own going down his face and he loosened his grip on me. "Please Babe."

Some more tears ran down my cheeks as I told him what has been going on. "They've been harassing me Harry!"

Harry sighed and wiped his and my tears off our faces with his thumb. He grabbed my face to look at him. "They are useless. They aren't our problem. They are pathetic. Babe, they aren't even part of our time." He said. "Just be glad we only have one more day with them." I nodded. He pulled me in giving me a hug. "I love you."

"I love you too." I said, burring my face into his chest.

He was quite for a while until he asked, "What's really cold and going threw my shirt?"

We pulled apart and my paint board was between us and the paint had gotten all over Harry's dark brown shirt. "Oops." I said laughing as Harry joined me.

He swiped a blue color off and put it on my nose. "It matches your eyes." he smiled.

I got some green paint and did the same to him. "And that matches your eye color."

Harry smirked and got a pint sized amount of yellow in his hand and threw it at me. "And that matches your hair!" he yelled laughing.

"And this," I said throwing brown at him, "Matches your hair!"

After that we just randomly started throwing paint at each other until Harry picked me up and we fell on paint. He fell on his back and rolled me over to where I was trapped between him and the floor. He gazed into my eyes. "I love you." he said.

I moved a piece of hair out of his beautiful face and looked at him. "Prove it."

He smiled and went up in push up position. He came down and said, "I," he placed a kiss on my right cheek, came back up ,"Love," he came back down and kissed my other cheek and back up. "You," down and kissed my forehead, back up, "This," he came down and placed one on my nose and back up, "Much," he said coming down to kiss my lips when I remembered that Tabi should be coming over with Niall because we are having dinner with them tonight.

"Harry-" I said and moved my face to where my neck was exposed and he kissed a soft spot on my neck causing a moan to come out of me. I covered my mouth and looked at him with my eyes and his widened. "How did you do that?" I asked him.

He laughed. "Me? No, that was all you. That," he said going to kiss where he kissed a second ago and planted a kiss there again making me growl in the back of my throat and bite my lip, "Is your sweet spot." he smirked.

I smirked and felt the spot where he kissed under my ear on my neck. Sweet spot, huh? Sounds fun... "Okay, um. Niall and Tabi should be here in about an hour so, we should get ready."

"Right." he said gazing into my eyes and helping me up.

We made our way to the stairs when Harry stopped and pointed to the corner. "What's that?"

I smiled and walked over to it and held it up reveling the painting of my dad. "It's my dad." I said.

Harry looked at it. "It's beautiful."

"Thanks." I said admiring it. "I thought it wouldn't look neat because of how quickly I got it done."

Everything was quite until Harry looked at me and said, "You remind me of your dad. You guys look a lot alike."

"Yeah," I said smiling a bit, "I get that a lot."

Harry took a couple steps closer to me and smiled. "He looks like a nice person."

"He was..." I whispered looking at the painting.

"Hey," he said softly. I looked at him. "Let's go get ready." he put his hand out for me to grab as I did and set the painting down and went upstairs with Harry.



(Omg guys, only 2 more chapters! AHHHH! I'm freaking out! Make sure to look for the sequel! Love you guys! Comment, Like, and Fan for more!)

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