The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


37. Is It Official?

I woke up to the sun shining through the curtains. A sleeping Harry was beside me and his arms were wrapped around me.

Last night, this morning, whatever it was, was terrible! But Harry made everything better, of course. Harry makes everything better! The first thing we did when we got to his house, was go to his room and fall asleep. His parents aren't home, and neither is my mom. But then again. When is she ever home? Always busy with work. Buuuuut, on the bright side I get to hang out with Harry anytime I want to.

I'm still not sure about what happened last night. The whole kiss was... amazing to be honest. But I'm not sure if I want to be in a relationship right now after what just happened. I mean, Harry's my best friend! Maybe the kiss we shared last night was just because he felt bad for me and I just needed to be comfort. Or maybe it was just a best friend kiss with no strings attached? Or maybe it was more with passion and lo- .... What am I saying? I don't know if I even love Harry yet. Woe. Did I just say that? He probably doesn't feel the same. Yet he did say that he liked me last night. And I told him that I liked him back also. Maybe it's suppose to be like this. And he almost said that he lov..... Maybe he was going to say something else. Like, 'Ashton, I longed for this moment' or 'Ashton, I lost you once, it won't happen again,' or... something like that. I don't want to get my hopes up.

I looked at the time, 11:45a.m. I turned around and looked at Harry. His curls were messy and his mouth was slightly open so he could breath. Then he started snoring, and I couldn't help but giggle. He groaned but didn't wake up. I tried my best to get out of his strong hold but he wouldn't move. I tried once more , and then Harry mumbled low, "What are you doing?"

I turned back around and looked at him. He was only in sweats, that's it. I was in an oversized t-shirt and short pajama shorts. "Well, I was just trying to get out of bed and go down stairs to make breakfast or well... I guess lunch by looking at the time." I laughed.

He smirked. "Why thank you bab- uh Ashton." he said in a deep husky voice, trying to correct himself. I laughed. "Sorry, I didn't know if you-"

"I don't mind." I smiled.

Harry laughed and smiled back. "Good." He let go of me and I got up heading towards the door. "Oh and one more thing." he said. I turned around and faced him. "Good morning. Beautiful." He smiled while stretching.

I blushed and looked down and back up at him. "Good morning to you too Harry." I smiled as I walked out the door and downstairs.



~  .  ~



I had just put the toast in the toaster and was cooking some bacon when Harry came up behind me and started to tickle me. "Harry stop!" I laughed. Believe it or not, he stopped. I caught my breath and saw that Harry had a huge smirk on his face. "What?" I asked smiling. He smiled and charged at me picking me up and throwing me over his shoulders. "AH!' I screamed while Harry was running around the living room. "Harry! Put me down this instant!"

"Never!" he yelled like a five year old, then started to make airplane noises while running around the couch. "Oh no!" he yelled as we both fell onto his couch and then onto the floor.

We both started laughing and then I realized that I was on top of him. "Are you okay?" he asked laughing and looking up at me.

"Yeah, you?" I asked back.

He grabbed me and rolled me over to where he was on top. Harry looked at me directly into the eyes and said, "Never better." He bent down and about kissed me when- DING!

He obviously didn't hear it and I forgot about the bacon, because it started to smell like something was burning and I'm not trying to burn his house down. "The toast!" I yelled trying to get up.

Harry pulled me back down. "The toast can wait." he assured me.

"Yeah, but the bacon can't. I'm pretty sure it's burning."

Harry sniffed the air and looked up. "Shit!" he said, stumbling to get up and ran into the kitchen. I got up and saw a flame in the pan. I gasped as Harry took the pan and put baking soda all over it to put it out and threw it into the sink.

Harry looked at me and ran his fingers through his hair. "Well that was a close one." he said chuckling a little.

"Harry, I am so-" I was cut of by Harry laughing. "What?" I asked.

Harry caught his breath and said, "Nothing just," he walked closer towards me and put his hand on my cheek. "You."

"What about me?"

"You're just so damn cute." he blurted out.

He was about to kiss me again when I interrupted him. "Well, I'm gonna go and finish breakfast. You, just stay in here, or something."

"I'll help you?" he said. "I'm very good at cooking actually."

I turned around at him. "Oh really?" I challenged.

"Yup." he smirked.

"How so?" I smirked back.

"Oh-ho. I have my ways." he said seductively.

"Ew Harry!"

Harry laughed. "I'm kidding! I'm kidding!" he caught his breath. "But seriously, I love cooking."

I rolled my eyes. "Okay, you can help."

"Yay!" he screamed and jumped up and down, running over by me. I laughed at him and how he was acting.

I tell ya what. He may act childish, but what we have been through together. He's very sweet, kind, caring, and a bunch of other stuff. Especially protective. No doubt about that.


~  .  ~


We had just got done eating when I went into his bedroom. Then there was a knock on the door. "Come in." I said, while looking for my cheer outfit.

"Hey." Harry said walking into the room. "What are ya doin?"

I sighed. "Well, I was gonna take a shower and find my cheer outfit, but I can't find it anywhere." I said still scanning the ground.

Harry cleared his throat and I looked up at him. He was holding it in one of his hands and said, "I washed it for you last night after you went to bed. Thought it would be a good idea."

I walked over and grabbed it. "Thank you." I said hugging him. We pulled back and away from each other. "Oh and uh.." I trailed off not knowing how to put it in words, "Where's my bra?" I asked blushing.

Harry's eyes got big. "Oh uh, you mean you aren't wearing one right now?" he asked pointing at my chest and peeking a little bit.

I crossed my arms. "No."

He cleared his throat. "Sorry, didn't no that." He blushed.

I turned around and saw it by his desk that he had in his room. I walked over and grabbed it. "Found it!" I said picking it up.

I turned and looked at Harry who was starring at it. "That, is one sexy bra." he said.

I looked at it. It was laced, white, and had a black bow on the front and was bedazzled on the sides with black 'diamonds'. "Erm, thanks?" I said chuckling. I didn't want to tell him that I was wearing matching underwear because, well... that would be weird.

"Yeah, um. Do you want me to take you home later? Or we could hang out?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yeah lets hang out." I smiled.

He smiled back. "Okay good, well um... Can I ask you something?"

I looked up at him and sat down on the bed. "Sure."

He took a deep breath and sat down next to me. "Are we a.. thing? You know, boyfriend and girlfriend?" he asked shaking a little.

I kinda liked how he said that though. It would be nice to have Harry as a boyfriend and me as his girlfriend.... "Not right now." I said, "Maybe later in the future when the time is right. I just got out of a relationship. Now's not the best time okay?"

He nodded. "I understand." I got up and was about to walk out when Harry stopped me and grabbed my wrist gently. "One more thing?"

I turned around and faced him. "Yes?"

"Would you like to go out with me this Friday?" he asked.

I giggled. "Harry, my birthdays this Friday." I said.

"Even better!" he said.

"Harry, I was hoping to spend time with my mom." I said softly, knowing that she will probably have work at the last moment and leave again.

He clapped his hands. "Alright I tell you what. How about I take you out tonight, and I will bring my parents to meet you and your mom on your birthday and we can all go out. Sound like a plan?"

I thought about it for a moment. "Sure, but are asking me out on a date?" I asked smirking.

He blushed. "Maybe."

I smiled. "Okay, I'll think about it."

"Thank you so much Ashton!" he said embracing me.

"No problem, but! I haven't told you the answer yet.."

"Think about it! Please!!!" he said, dragging out the last word and folded his hands together begging.

"I will." I laughed walking out of the room and into the bathroom. I have so much on my mind to think about. But so little time. What should I tell him?"



(Comment if you think she should say yes to the date!)

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