The Styles Project

Ashton Peterson, your average sixteen year old girl, but she's moving half way across the world! She likes her new neighbor Niall, but starts falling for Harry Styles, and their worst enemy Zayn. Here's the question, will she fall in love, get hurt or will something unexplained happen?


49. Final Project -a.k.a., The Styles Project

This morning was kind of weird. Zayn apologized about everything and left, I found out that Sophia is moving, thank god, and also, everything on the schedule has been messed up today. We have done everything backwards for fun and honestly, I like the schedule like this... Why couldn't it be like this all year long?

Harry and I walked into our last class together and sat down to wait our turn. I turned to Harry and he looked at me. "Harry," I started, "Are you nervous?"

He played with his fingers for a little bit and turned to me. "Truly, yes. Just a bit." he laughed.

I smiled and put my hand on his. "Don't worry, all we have to do is say a couple a things, explode it and we'll be fine!" I say waving my hand in the air. "Plus, just be happy today is the last day of school and after this, we get out."

Harry wrapped his fingers around mine and said, "And we have the whole summer to ourselves." then winked.

Right after he did that the teacher walked in. "Alright class, everybody sit down." she took a deep breath and said, "As you know, today is the last day and this is the last period. Some of you who didn't do you project yesterday, will do it today. Now," she clapped her hands, "who would like to go first?"


~  .  ~


"And that is what makes up a volcano." Harry finished while folding his hands.

"So what's your project called?" asked Mrs. Stewart.

Harry smiled at me. "The Styles Project."

Mrs. Stewart tried to hide a smile behind her hand as she then said, "Well let's see what it can do!"

We both put on our goggles and stepped back. Some of the students sat back in their chairs to not let it get on them. Harry grabbed my hand as he held mine and the button.

I looked at him. "Let's do this thing."

Harry nodded as everybody stared at the volcano waiting for it to explode. Harry pressed the button and the juice started to boil. Then, BOOM! It exploded as Harry and I smiled and hugged each other while the students stared at the volcano in awe.

Just then the final bell rang and everybody got up and cheered as they threw papers in the air. Harry and I just laughed as everybody including Niall and Tabi were jumping and yelling, "Woo-hoo!".

Niall and Tabi kissed each other and started to get their stuff. I looked back at Harry, who had his hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me in closer. "Summer here we come." he said then chuckled as I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed each other. I can tell this summer is gonna rock!


~The End~


Hope you guys liked the story!

I'll be publishing the sequel shortly! I'll give you a sneak peak in the next chapter!

You guys were the best! I love you all!

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