One Direction Imagines

Here are some One Direction imagines about the boys I've made up myself!
If you would like one yourself, I am adding every single one I can possibly fit in!
Comment below your age, name and boy you want and what you want to happen! Happy reading! :)


1. Do you want an Imagine?

Hello guys, it's Moll. This book is basically about One Direction Imagines that I have came up with myself. 

Now, if you want to be in a chance of starring in this book, then comment below this form:



What Boy Member: 


If I pick you, I'll comment back 

But if I don't comment back it could mean that I'm busy with other Movellas. I will try and get everyone's done. 


If I'm not doing requested ones, I will be doing ones about me, or my friends. 


Make sure you read them all&ask for a request!

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