Rising Shadows

The Power of darkness is beyond imagining. The legend of the darkest shadows is surfacing. Follow the adventure of Charlie Hunter as she gets thrown into a world of the supernatural. Having found herself in poverty and in far too much debt she is forced to resort to thievery but she picked the wrong house, the wrong artefact and the wrong race of Shadow creatures to royally piss off.


20. Submission

The world.... Is ours. The humans.... They run. They hide. But they will all die or submit to our rule. They will give in or die in the blaze of our fury. They will give us their lives or we will take them by force. The time of man is over. The time of the Shadow has come. Light will fade from earth. The sun will die by our hand. This pathetic land will be plunged into eternal darkness and be re-formed as a kingdom worthy of my people ! I am An'ggraath the defiler. And this world will know my wrath. This world will know my rule. And all will burn... Beneath the shadow, of my wings.

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