Rising Shadows

The Power of darkness is beyond imagining. The legend of the darkest shadows is surfacing. Follow the adventure of Charlie Hunter as she gets thrown into a world of the supernatural. Having found herself in poverty and in far too much debt she is forced to resort to thievery but she picked the wrong house, the wrong artefact and the wrong race of Shadow creatures to royally piss off.


16. If you want a job done right...

"My soldiers, failed. My best hit man, failed..... ARE YOU OR ARE YOU NOT FUCKING DEMONS !?!?!?!" He turned to face is withering creatures. They were pathetic. No wonder the humans drove them back. " You're all FUCKING useless. You're not even worth the fear our name brings! Fuck it if you pathetic little shits can't do the job then it's gonna have to be me isn't it? Hold the fucking fort" He stormed out of the room. It was time to end this.

And Charlie very much agreed. In fact she and Marcus both agreed. They had erm.... Borrowed a very nice sports car nicely loaned to them by the headless dead demon laid out outside the hospital. On second thoughts perhaps they should've hidden the body... Oh well. But now they were on their way back to the big house. Tonight was the blood moon. It was now or never.

Unbeknownst to them Crimson was driving towards them on that same road. As unaware as they were to each others whereabouts. Ten minutes later they soon found out. Crimson, with his far superior 'Demon sight' saw them first and immediately set course for operation 'Fuck it let's crash'. It was very successful. They slammed into each other. The cars were immediately wrecked and the occupants of both were sent completely flying. Charlie and Crimson met in mid-air and pretty much knocked each other out. Marcus re-kindled his old love for trees and managed to break a record for flying straight through a few. Crimson stood up and dusted off his suit. "Well" He said. "I thought that was pretty damn successful" He strode over to Charlie who jumped up and stabbed him in the stomach with a jagged piece of smashed up car. He gurgled a little and stumbled back. She ran over and grabbed her sword which luckily hadn't been crushed to smithereens then she ran into the forest to find Marcus. She found him... Stretching. " I fucking hate trees.... I swear to god I'm never going into a forest again" She managed a little smile at that. "Come on big guy we need to get to that house and stop this shit from going down" He nodded and they both set off together running as fast as they could in the direction of the house.

It didn't take them all too long before they found themselves at the big imposing building that deluded weirdo called a house. The moon was rising. She didn't like the moon being red... She much preferred white moons. She could hear movement and talking coming from behind the house. They stealthily moved around the back of the house, from their position they saw the red glint of the crimson skull on some sort of altar. Around the altar were a bunch of symbols painted on the floor.. In blood. "If I didn't know better I'd think they were some sort of crazy satanic cult" Said Marcus..... A tad too loudly. The five or so demons in the courtyard immediately zoned in on their position and started to bound over. "Well done dumbass" said Charlie, who then drew her sword and got ready to fight.

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