Rising Shadows

The Power of darkness is beyond imagining. The legend of the darkest shadows is surfacing. Follow the adventure of Charlie Hunter as she gets thrown into a world of the supernatural. Having found herself in poverty and in far too much debt she is forced to resort to thievery but she picked the wrong house, the wrong artefact and the wrong race of Shadow creatures to royally piss off.


9. Hunger

He was hungry again. The appetite of The Defiler was never sated. And now he was even hungrier than ever. He needed more than just a few people. He needed a lot. He sent off his guard and walked towards a nightclub. The bouncer stood in his path but he merely shoved his hand straight into his chest and tore out his heart. The big man fell to his knees for Crimson to plant his foot on the bouncer's chest and shove him on the ground.

He carried on without further pause into the club. He grinned at the sight of all the dancing younglings. Their blood full of adrenaline. Surging through their bodies. He shivered with pleasure at the thought of the feast to come. His eyes flashed a bright, eerie red for a moment. He turned around and waved his hand. A wall of shadows covered all the exits. No escape. Easy meat. And with that he transformed. He dived into the crowd and began the slaughter. He grinned, satisfied to the music of their terrified screams. He bathed himself in the flow of their blood.

Approximately five minutes later they all lay dead, limbs severed, hearts torn our, blood covering every inch of wall and floor. His hunger was sated.... For now. He transformed and smoothed out his blood red suit. It was not well known but that suit was white when he had gotten it....

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