Rising Shadows

The Power of darkness is beyond imagining. The legend of the darkest shadows is surfacing. Follow the adventure of Charlie Hunter as she gets thrown into a world of the supernatural. Having found herself in poverty and in far too much debt she is forced to resort to thievery but she picked the wrong house, the wrong artefact and the wrong race of Shadow creatures to royally piss off.


15. Fall

They hit the ground, hard. He practically crushed her against the floor. She was still conscious that impressed him, they had fallen a couple of stories. He lifted her head up and viciously slammed it into the ground.

All she could see were little white stars swirling above her head. Her vision was blurred. She felt him lift her head up again to repeat the move, finally her instinct kicked in. She planted a boot in his chest and pushed with all her force. He stumbled back and managed to recover quickly, but so did she. She leapt to her feet, albeit a little drunkenly. He took a swing at her but she raised her arm to take the force of the blow. She slammed her foot into that bastards balls. As it turns out even Shadow demons have THAT particular weak spot. He groaned in pain which gave her chance to give him a flying kick to the face. Mid-kick however he grabbed her foot and slammed her on the ground. This time it was her turn to groan in pain. She couldn't win this... No without her.... There was a clang of metal as her sword hit the ground.. She looked up to see Marcus hanging out of the window giving her the thumbs up. "little help?" She called up. He disappeared from the window.

That bitch. His eyes filled with rage and hatred as he looked at as far as he was concerned would be the best meal he'd ever have. He snarled and leapt at her. He pinned her to e ground and trapped her arms and legs. Then he put his hand to her mouth and began to speak the ancient words. Her soul began to tear itself away from her, she felt herself growing tired, she was so tired, all she wanted to do was sleep. But No! She couldn't let that happen. She had to hold on. she freed her right arm and swung it about wildly until she caught hold of something. Her sword.

She grabbed it and swung it as hard as she could at him. It embedded itself in his spine. He gasped and rolled off of her. There was no way he was getting up from that. That didn't stop him from trying though. Several times he tried and failed to stand until finally he admitted defeat and collapsed on the ground, slowly bleeding to death. She thought she'd quicken it along for him. She ripped out the sword and swung it precisely so it cut his head clean off. She was getting sick and tired of these sons of bitches. Marcus finally appeared. " Ah he's lucky you killed him when you did because when I got here I was gonna open up a whole new can of whoop ass on him" She laughed and clouted him over the head

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