Rising Shadows

The Power of darkness is beyond imagining. The legend of the darkest shadows is surfacing. Follow the adventure of Charlie Hunter as she gets thrown into a world of the supernatural. Having found herself in poverty and in far too much debt she is forced to resort to thievery but she picked the wrong house, the wrong artefact and the wrong race of Shadow creatures to royally piss off.


11. Escape

The House was falling to bits. She woke up when the flames begin to burn her skin. Within moments she was up and running, through the door and up the stairs. The fires licked at her boots and burned her skin but she pressed on. Finally she made it to the door and commando rolled out. She stood and looked back at the burning house and closed her eyes. She planned on saying a few words but as it turned out most of the demons had decided to sit by the front door. "Oh for fucks sake....." She muttered. She drew her sword. "Right which one of you bastards is going down with me!?!" She growled. They began to laugh, it was a deep, guttural, mocking laugh. She curled her lip and prepared to charge when one by one their heads exploded. "Huh?"


Then he walked out of the shadows (Ironic I know). Black leather jacket, dark trousers, combat boot, shades, Sawn-off shotgun. "Fuck me" She said. "The Terminator's come out to play". He grinned. " Lets go before the old dude gets back". She followed him to a black Ferrari he had parked nearby. "My mother always warned me about getting into cars with strange men". "Your mother died getting in a car with a man she'd known her entire life". She raised an eyebrow. "You knew her?" He shook his head. "My father did". They got in the vehicle and began to drive. "How did he know her?". He shrugged. "He was her best friend. Hell I was once yours". She gasped. "Marcus? Marcus Turner?" He grinned. "So you do remember me?". She nodded and went to hug him when suddenly they were sideswiped by a crimson Porsche. No prizes for guessing the driver. "Oh not that bastard again" She growled. "Time for some Vehicular warfare!" He shouted. He swerved and swung back. Slamming into the Porsche and nearly swinging it off course. Crimson did something they weren't expecting. He pulled in front of them and swung around so he was facing them. Marcus didn't realise what he was doing till it was too late; Crimson lowered the front of his car so that when Marcus hit it he flipped other. "Oh shi-" Was all Marcus had time to say before they went flying. They crashed hard into a nearby tree.


 She woke up with crimson stood over her. "Where is it!" He roared. It was in her satchel. The one she always kept with her. Although considering its absence from her now she guessed it was in the car. He didn't need to know that though. "WHERE IS IT!?!?!" He slammed his boot hard in her ribs over and over again. She cried out in pain. Marcus ran up with a crowbar and smashed crimson between the shoulders. It broke. Crimson looked at him. His eyes filled with glowing re malice. His anger was beyond what any of them had ever seen. His roar was one of primal rage and out of his hands burst a ray of pure darkness. It caught Marcus straight in the chest and blasted him straight through a tree. He turned back to Carle. Who in his distraction had drawn her sword. She slashed him straight across the left eye and bolted it over to Marcus. She slapped him and he woke up. "We need to go.. NOW" They got up and ran deeper into the forest.

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