Beach Boy

Summer and Her best friend Maya loves to surf more than anything else. They have both trained really hard for the up coming competition that will change everything.
A summer that both of the girls never will forget have just started


2. Chapter 2

”What do we do if you win then?” Summer asked Maya.
“If I win?”  She looked questioningly at Summer.
They were now back in Summer’s car on their way back home from the beach.
“Yes, if you win. Who are you going to ask out? It’s not fair if the bet is just about me. So if I win I’ll ask out Heath and if you win you also have to ask someone out”
“How about I ask Heath out for you if I win” said Maya and laughed.
“No way! That would be even more embarrassing! But seriously Maya, there must be some guy that you like”
“There’s no one. You know me, I like to be an independent woman. I won’t let myself be influenced by the manly gender”
“Come on, there must be someone who makes your heart beat a little faster or it is in your family blood to be cold hearted”
“You’re right, it’s a family curse. Everyone in the Aloof family is cold hearted bastards. I’m the worst of them all”
“Then why did you just blush”
“I didn’t blush! And you should keep your eyes on the road and not on me”
“if you didn’t blush then why did you react so strongly just now?” Summer laughed and as she knew that she had managed to lure Maya into a trap. She never saw if she blushed or not but her reaction told her the truth.
“You might as well admit it. So who is this guy?”
Maya sighed out loud. “Honestly, I don’t know. Pathetic isn’t it. I don’t even know the name of the guy”
“Love goes beyond name” Summer replied calmly. “You’ll surely find it out soon. So tell me about the mystery guy”
“I’ve only seen him a few times on a distance but I can’t get him out of my head. The first time I saw him was about three weeks ago when I…”
“Wait a minute” Summer interrupted Maya. “This has been going on for three weeks without me knowing. Maya why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“I was going to tell you when I had found out more about him like you know his name for an example”
“Okay, okay you have a point, I understand. Apology accepted. Now you’re going to tell me EVERYTHING okay. Don’t leave out any of the details”
“Yeah, yeah I will. Calm down okay. As I tried to tell you earlier when you interrupted me…”
“Sorry for that”
“And now you’re doing it again but I get it can’t be helped. As I was about to say he first time I saw him was when I was taking care of Toby and took him to the skate park. And that’s the only place I ever seen him actually”
“So he’s a skater”
“Yes and a really good one too. My little brother and I just watched as he did one trick after another on the board. I think he has become Toby’s new idol”
“And your new love”
“Shut up”
“But I don’t understand the problem. Why don’t you just ask the guy for his name? All you have to do is to walk up to him and tell him how good he is and what a cool trick he made or something like that, guys loves to hear how good there are. Then you give him your name and he’ll tell you his in return”
“Don’t you think that I’ve already thought about that, tried that and failing. I just can’t do it. When I tried to talk to him my head just got empty and I panicked. I forgot completely what I was going to say and had problem with getting out any sound at all. So in the end I asked him if he knew where I could find the toilets. I already know damn well were the toilets are, I don’t need directions like an idiot. And after that I just feel too ashamed to try again”
“Are you going to give up just like that. That doesn’t sound like the Maya I know at all. Okay so you had a setback, but just because you encounter an uphill doesn’t mean that you stops there. You may not be able to run up but walking up is better than staying below as long as you manage to get to the top”
“Wow, can’t believe I had forgotten how it feels like to get a pep talk from you” Maya said sarcastically and laughed.
“I’m serious Maya”
“You don’t think I’m. It just… I don’t know Summer. I just get so nervous when I see him”
“Which is a sign that you like him and just a more reason that you should go for it”
“Can we talk about something else now please. Either way I don’t have time for guys right now, I need to focus on the competition”
“Okay, okay but only if you agree to ask out the mystery boy if you win”
“Guess I have no choice. You’ll never shut up if I don’t go along with it”
“You know me far too well”
“It’s part of the job as your best friend”
“you got that right”
The two girls laughed and it was time for Maya to jump out of the car as Summer had parked outside her house.
“I’ll see you tomorrow” Maya cried out to Summer as she went up towards the house.
“Tell your family I said hi” Summer shouted back to her before she continued driving home.


In the white house that the family Hastings lived in was Summer’s mother Emma in full swing to prepare dinner. The sweet smell of food filled Summer’s senses when she went into the kitchen.
“When’s dinner ready?” Summer asked her mom.
“Right on the matter, you’re not even giving me a hello”
“Sorry mom” Summer went up to her mother and gave her a quick hug.
“Dinner’s ready in about half an hour honey. Can you call your brother and ask if he’ll be eating with us?”
“Sure. When is dad coming home?”
“He had to work late today. That reminds me, Summer could you take care of Riza tonight? As I said is you dad working late tonight and I also have to go to work and will be working the whole night and you know how you brother is”
“Sure mom. Where is Riza now anyway?”
“I asked the neighbors if they could look after her while I was cooking. They love to taking care of her since they don’t have any grandchildren yet. After you have called your brother you can go and pick her up”
“Okay, I’ll call Denny now”
“Thanks honey”
Summer went out of the kitchen and left her mother alone with her cooking. She picked up her phone and dialed her older brother Denny’s number. She heard signal after signal and just as she was about to hang up she got an answer on the other side.
“Denny here” Summer recognized her brothers raspy voice.
“About time that you answered” she said without hiding her irritation in her voice.
“Glad to hear your warm voice too dear little sister” Denny said sarcastically.
“Dinner’s ready in half an hour. Are you here then or not?”
“I don’t know right now I’m…”
“Yes or no. Are you eating or not?” Summer interrupted him. She could hear Denny sigh on the other end.
“Tell mom that she should save some for me to eat when I get home”
“So that’s a no”
Before Denny could say anything more Summer said a short goodbye and hung up.
“Denny’s not eating” she shouted into the kitchen as she passed it when she went to put on her shoes. “I’m picking up Riza now”
Summer turned around and saw her mother standing behind her in the doorway into the kitchen with a serious gaze.
“How long are you planning to behave like this towards your brother”
“Until he learned his lesson which will never happen so the answer is forever”
“Why can’t you just try to understand him. It was his choice”
“I’ll never understand and I’m not forgiving him for destroying his own future that way” Summer said coldly and turned her back towards her mother as she left the house.       

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