Beach Boy

Summer and Her best friend Maya loves to surf more than anything else. They have both trained really hard for the up coming competition that will change everything.
A summer that both of the girls never will forget have just started


1. Chapter 1

It was a hot and sunny day with light gusts of wins, perfect weather for surfing. Summer slid down the road in her pickup. She felt the wind playing with her blonde hair when she went with the windows down to Maya’s house. The board was strapped to the roof and she could barely contain herself until she and Maya would be out on the open water. That’s when Summer felt most alive, in the water when she rolled down the waves and it was just her and the board. Summer and Maya had been down almost every day and surfed the last few weeks to prepare in for the competition that would be hold the following week. Summer felt in top form and was psyched as hell for the race. Important people would come and this could lead to a summer full of adventure.
Summer was now standing outside Maya’s house and honked with the car. Soon came her best friend running out of the garage with her bored under her arm.
“Can I get some help with this?” she asked Summer who was already on her way out of the car.
“Of course, darling” said Summer and helped Maya to bring up the board on the roof of the car and strap it.
The two girls jumped into the car and drove all the way down to the beach with the radio on high volume and the wind in their hair. Summer turned up the volume to max when Macklemore’s hit And We Danced came on and she and Maya sang out during the chorus. Maya sat and danced in the passenger seat and Summer couldn’t help but laugh. This is life, she thought when she and Maya sang out the lyrics:
And we danced, and we cried, and we laugh and had a really, really, really good time. Take my hand, let’s have a blast, and remember this moment for the rest of our life”
Summer parked the car and they quickly jumped out of it and took down their boards. They walked down the last bit down to the beach. When Summer saw the water so started she running and Maya was hard on her heels. They laughed as they went racing down to the water. When they arrived, they put down their boards in the warm sand and started strip of their clothes until they only had bikinis in before they ran down into the water.
“See you there” shouted Maya to Summer who already had a head start. Maya was much better to paddle than Summer and was always the one who took the first waves. No one had a chance to get through the water as fast as she. Summer paddled at full speed and tried to keep up with her best friend. But what was like a walk in the park for Maya was torture for Summers arms. Once again got the distance between her and Maya bigger and Summer had to realize her defeat, again.  
“You’re getting better” said Maya when Summer finally arrived at her side.
“It doesn’t feel like that”
“But it shows. I had to wait on you for several minutes before” teased Maya.
Summer splashed water on her face and the two girls laughed.
“As a consolation prize, you’ll get the first wave. I’m not going to compete for it. Unless you’re too tired and need to rest”
Summer didn’t answer, instead she made herself ready to take the wave that was coming. She heard Maya laughing behind her as she stood up on her board.   
The two girls were doing so for a while, letting each other get the waves, giving each other criticism and praises, competed for some waves were Maya usually ended up as the winner.
Then the water came into a deadlock mood, with no wind and no waves in sight. The two girls sat up on the boards and started chatting with each other.
“Look, your favorite is here” said Maya and splashed water in Summer’s face to get her attention.
 After playfully splashed back so directed Summer her gaze towards the beach where Heath stood in his red swimming trunks.
“Why are all lifeguards always so damn hot?” Maya said, also she looking towards Heath.
“He’s something special right” Summer said dreamily.
“You should ask him out” said Maya and turned her attention to Summer. Summer just shook her head and her blond hair fell over her face.
“Come on, you’ve had your eye on him like, what half a year now. Just admit that you’re completely sold on the guy”
“Just because I’m sold on him doesn’t mean that he’s sold on me. He probably doesn’t even know my name”
“Then you make sure that he learns it. Win the competition next week and ask him out afterwards”
“We both know that you’re the one who will win. You’ll get all the best waves”
“But you’re better at dealing with them. Summer everybody knows that you’re the best, you just need to train your arms some more. By the way, you do know that your favorite tipped to win right?”
“ Yeah, it’s true. It stands between you and Becky. They are tipping me in third place”
Maya grinned at Summer. They both know that as long as they were in the top five, they would qualify through to the semi-finals of the national championships. Which would mean sponsors and a summer full of surfing. So being tipped as third was more than enough for Maya. She just wanted to have a good time, winning wasn’t the most important thing for her.
“So when you win next week you’re going to ask out Heath, deal” Maya smiled at Summer and before she could answer so was Maya already on her way out and took the wave that just arrived.
Deal, Summer thought. She threw a last glance at Heath up on the beach before she paddled out to the next wave.

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