Say 'I Love You'

Quiet Danielle Peazer is 16-years-old, but has spent her high school years without making friends or getting a boyfriend because of a childhood incident that left her believing that people will betray each other sooner or later. When she encounters a popular boy, named Liam Payne, he becomes interested in her, and it is through their tentative friendship and blossoming relationship that Danielle ultimately begins to branch out and befriend others.(Fan fiction 'roughly' a remake of the anime/manga Say 'I Love you') No copyright intended.


5. Chapter 4

Danielle's P.O.V

It was now sunset and I was still walking to work. 

"That freaked me out. I haven't talked at school in a long time. He even gave me his number..." I think, looking at the note. A little flashback of his award winning smile popped into my head, him saying thank you for the bandages.

"There really are people who can smile like that..." I whisper to myself. I finally catch myself thinking more and more about him at that moment. I gasp, shaking my head vigorously as if it will literally shake the thought out of my brain. I put the note in my pocket. "A-as if I'd ever call him..." I whisper once again. I start running. I make it, getting into my apron and putting on my hat and name tag. "Thank you." I tell the costumer leaving the shop. I see the automatic doors close behind her. 

"The chocolate danishes are done." Mrs. Wolve, or Yah-Yah as us employees like to call her, calls out. 

"Chocolate danishes, fresh out of the oven." Our newest employee, Jade, calls out of the store. "Please buy one if you'd like." she continues. A business man, about in his late 30's, early 40's, turns around and somehow I feel like he's checking me out. I feel his eyes pierce into my back and I rearrange the pastries.

"Danielle," Yah-Yah speaks.

"Yes?" I answer.

"Do you have a fever? Your face is red."

"N-No it's not, and I don't have a fever." I tell her. The man probably made me really uncomfortable that I may have turned red. I hand Yah-Yah the tray I was holding and walk to the cash register. The man proceeds with to the check out center with a tray of various pastries and breads. I sigh.

"Excuse me. I'll take these." He said, handing me the tray.

"O-oh, of course." I say. "Shall I pack all the sweet ones together?" I ask him. He looks down at me because of his tall stature. 

"No, please bag them separately." He states. "Could you also include some wet wipes?" I look up from the tray.

"Certainly." I feel his eyes moving down to my name tag, I hope. "That'll be 25 pounds." I state. He gives me 50. "Out of 50 pounds..." I whisper to myself, entering the amount he gave me in the cash register. "Your change will be 25 pounds." I say to him, handing him the money. 

"Hey, um..." He starts to speak. 


"Oh, it's correct. Thank you." He was talking about the change. He puts the change in his pocket and grabs his newly purchased items. He turned giving himself a smirk. I watch him walk away. 

"Thank you very much." I hear Jade tell him as he walks out the door. I finally relax once he leaves. I was so stiff.

"Danielle, could you help me here?" I hear Yah-Yah call.


"Can you lock up?" 

"Yes, of course." Jade and Yah-Yah leave and I'm left to serve. It got dark outside, so I decided to leave. I went home. My mum was washing dishes. I walked right past her.

"Danielle. What do you say when you get home?"

"I'm home." I say faintly, walking towards my room. I lay in bed, still in my school uniform. I hold Liam's number about 1 feet away from my face. I couldn't help, but think of him. I snapped myself out of it once again.

"I shouldn't think about pointless things." I think. "He'd only betray me in the end." I put the number down onto the bed, falling slowly to sleep.

Liam's P.O.V

I was at school. I kept seeing Danielle, giving her a simple hey. I saw her in the hallway. "Danielle." She walked past me. "Huh?" I saw her once again in the courtyard. "Danielle." She walked past me again. "Hey, Danielle!" I ran up behind her once I saw her in the hallway again.

"Stop saying 'hey' everytime you see me." She says. 

"Why haven't you called? I've been waiting." I asked.

"Stop following me around and I never said I would call you."

"But I thought we could chat." 

"I hate talking on the phone!" She yells at me, still not turning to see me.

"What? Don't you talk to your friends?" I tell her. That caught her attention. She pulls out her phone, showing me her contact list.

"I don't have any friends. Home and work are my only contacts. People always stab each other in the back, and school's full of jerks hunting for the next target. They assign roles like they're playing house and play nice, then shun those "friends" the second it's not fun anymore. I don't want to be friends with those people." She tells me and walks away.

"Not everyone's like that! I yelled. She stops in her tracks and turns around. She chuckles and then smiles.

"Yes, they are. I don't need friends." She runs away as I'm just standing there, baffled. Her footsteps fade away once I put my hands in my pocket, looking down at the ground.

"Liam, there you are." I hear. 

"Hmm." I mumbled turning around to see. Niall and Demi.

"Why do you look so spaced out?" Niall says.

"Do I? I'm fine." I lie. 

"Hey, let's go to karaoke." Demi suggests. "Like you promised." I sigh.

"Sure, let's go." 

"Yay!" Demi says gleefully. Niall creeps up to me and whispers in my ear.

"Who do you wanna call? Cute girls only." 

"You and your one-track mind." Demi says, clearly hearing what said.

"It's more fun with lots of girls!" Niall defends.

"There you go again!" Demi tells him. I smile at their bickering.

"But you know, I'm happy as long as I have you." Niall states. I smile at his cheesy line.


Danielle's P.O.V

It's was now night and my shift at the bakery ended quite late today.

"Sorry for keeping you so late." Yah-Yah yells when I walk out the door.

"Not at all. Good work today." I smile at her. I start walking home. The streets were empty. A few flickering light poles were in the distance. I was looking at the ground when I saw something in my peripheral vision. I look up and see the business man holding his phone. Looking at me. He puts the phone away, now following me. I speed up a little bit, him going his normal speed. He starts getting a bit faster as do I. I walk past an alley. Our footsteps and a police siren was only heard. I look back and he wasn't there anymore. I again felt a presence and I turn around. He was there again, but now a few feet away from me. I gasp. I walk into a convenience store, fooling him that I was buying something. He was outside, staring into the glass. I frantically pulled out my phone and called my house. "Isn't that the guy who always comes to the bakery? Maybe he happens to walk home the same way as me? But he's been standing there for a while, and he keeps looking at me... What if it isn't a coincidence, and he's been following me? Pick up, Mum!!" I think to myself. It rang its maximum times until it went to voicemail. My mum wasn't home. I put my hand in my pocket when I found Liam's number. "You're my only hope." I think.


Liam's P.O.V

Loud music is playing, tons of chatter happening around me. Niall tries to cheer Demi on while she's singing in a 'subtle' way of flirting.

"Yeah, Demi rocks!" Niall yells. She giggles at his stupidity.

"Here you go, Liam." My friend Jade, hands me the microphone.

"Thanks." My phone vibrates under me. "Sorry, one second." I pull it out and see an unknown number.

"Who is it?" Jade asks. I shrug.


"Um..." I hear Danielle and my eyes widen. "This is Danielle. I-I need your help!" I grab my stuff and ran out, causing my friends to ask questions, but I ignore them.

"It's okay, Danielle. Tell me where you are."

"The convenience store on Third." 

"Stay put, I'll be right there!" I assure her.

"Okay. Please Liam, come fast." I hear breath shake. I make it to the convenience store and walk in. I look into all the aisles and find Danielle hiding behind the magazine racks. I walk towards her.

"What's wrong?" 

"That man outside." I look out the window. "Don't look at him, he maybe watching." She swats me in my arm. "He often comes to the bakery where I work, but he's been following me since I left the store." She says frantically.

"How long have you been here?" I ask.

"About 35 minutes." My eyes widen.

"Danielle, he's clearly is stalking you!"

"I don't know what to do... My mum won't answer her phone, and there's no one else I can call!" I pull her hand, buying ice cream. "Liam... Ice cream?"

"I got hot running here." I say sheepishly. "I understand the situation." I put my hand around her, walking out of the store. Her eyes widen and I chuckle softly. "All right. Let's go."

"What? Hey..." She says. When we walk out, the business man looks at us, darting his eyes at me then gaping is mouth open. 

"It'll be okay." I tell her as I feel her tense up. 

"Hey..." the man whispers. "Who's that guy?" 

"Danielle... I love you."

"What?" She says. I crash my lips into hers as the man watches. I close my eyes, letting the taste of her lips overtake me. Her lips. They were perfect. She doesn't respond, but I keep kissing her.

Danielle's P.O.V

The kiss was so... unexpected. So foreign. I started remembering the good things that happened in my life. I remembered the last festival I went with my parents. The first time we went camping. They had love as strong as I can remember. My eyes are still open, still in shock. I see the business man looking at us, his mouth agape at the shock of this. I see Liam dart his eyes at him and the man backs away, walking away from us. Liam lips were still on mine.

"He kissed me. What's going to happen to me now?" I think as he slowly pulls away from me. 

"He's gone." Liam states. "Danielle?" He gasps at how flushed I am.

"At that place, I had my first... My first... kiss."



A/N Guys this was just the first episode. 4 chapters in one episode and there's 12 of them so I hope you enjoy them. I didn't get enough faves and likes so please favorite this or comment. I know that I said I wouldn't update without those requirements but I really wanted to update this. I want to know if you guys enjoy the story so far. 


~Vanessa xx.


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