There Goes The Fighter

Everybody see's me but I'm not there. They see a monster, a mistake, a demon, a cold-hearted girl. But all I am is a fighter. Nobody can control me, nobody can handle me and nobody can love me. All except them 5 boys. But i know better than to believe them; you can't love a monster. And a monster is what i am.


3. Your brother wanna fight me.

C'mon TJ just a couple more minutes and she'll be knocked out. Left.Right.Left.Left.Uppercut.

DING! DING! The bell rang signalling I'd won, I looked down at the girl underneath me and she was barley recognizable, before there wasn't a single flaw and now she has a busted lip, two black eyes, a bleeding nose and I'm pretty sure her arm isn't meant to be bent like that.. I climbed off of her and moved outta the way as medics went to check her out, she groaned and tried to stand up but collapsed into the arms of a medic, whoops. But hey, she shouldn't be in the ring if she can't take it and by the looks of it; she can't take it. Chase, my best friend and trainer, was waiting at the sidelines for me and by the looks of it, I had earned myself a lot of money.You see I'm an illegal fighter meaning I fight in the ghetto areas and people bet on me, Chase gets 1/4 of my earnings and I get the rest, he says I need the money more than him and in reality, I do so he gives me more. 

"Good job kiddo!" he said ruffling my hair, I love my hair, it comes to my waist and is LILAC! Yeah... brunette was just to mainstream for me :P Mainstream like a penguin! Uhmm...yeah..hehee, BOO!

"Dude i'm like a few years younger than you! I'm not a kid" I exclaimed pouting, it's true though i'm 17 and he's 20... only a 3 year age gap? He may be older but he's the one always acting like a 10 year old.

"Meh, whatever here's 20,000 from tonight and by the way Akai (pronounced Ah-Ki) is out back with Shadow" he said whilst walking backwards and out of the arena. Akai is my 4 year old brother and Shadow is my Alsation, they go everywhere together, it's so cute! We have the same mum but different dad's, she died 2 years ago so I've kinda raised him like my own. My mum wasn't the greatest, she cheated on my dad whilst he was away in the military and that's why Akai is half-cast and not pale like me and as for his dad well I doubt he even knows he is a dad. Mine, he's... uhmm.. h-he is M.I.A or Missing In Action. The last time I saw him was 5 years ago when I was 12 and he gave me a dog tag that matched his, I never take it off so I know he's always there. Anyway enough about all that crap.

I made my way into my room and went cold when I found Akai cowering in a corner sobbing, Shadow standing in front of Akai baring his teeth and growling at a group of 5 boys,who were trying to talk to Akai and not get eaten by Shadow at the same time. Slamming the door shut seemed to make the 5 boys jump 10 feet in the air, Akai cried harder and Shadow, well he just carried on protecting my brother. "What the fuck are you doing in here?!" I screamed at the 5 boys who had now backed off as I walked over to Shadow and Akai.  "Good boy" I whispered and patted Shadow.

"Yo, Beau! Ain't that the chick we saw earlier"

"Dammn she's fit"

"She's the one that was in the ring"

"Aye, Skip! She'd whoop your ass in a match hahaa"

"Told you she was a teen mom"

Clearly they don't know how to whisper, considering I heard everything they just said -_- That last one pissed me off though, they didn't know even know me yet they're judging me! I picked up Akai and placed him on my hip so he could bury his head in my neck and wrap his arms and legs around me. Kinda like a monkey, I like monkeys, monkeys are cute, monkeys eat banananananaas ^-^ Turning back around, the boys all fell silent and just stared at us.

"Well; are you going to explain what you're doing back here scaring the crap outta my little brother or are you just gunna stare? " I asked, raising my eyebrows and emphasizing 'brother', ya'noe just to make it clear i'm not some slut that got pregnant at 16. They all just stared at the floor acting innocent and guilty. Silence. That was their only answer... well they're not very chatty are they? 

"Okaaay, so since you guys have forgot how to talk or some shit, can you at least tell me who you are; and that wasn't an question!" Geez just say something already! They winced a bit at my tone but right now I'm to angry too care.

"We're the Janoskians"  

 Holy. Shit.


I'd rather regret the things I've done, than regret the things I haven't done. - Lucille Ball


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