Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have just broken up, Chloe McFall has had a terrible past with bad boyfriends, she's moved away from her family and her home, she lives alone and has just gotten a new job as an assistant and stylist for only the biggest boyband on the planet, one direction, Zayn takes a liking to her, but she doesn't want to get broken so she steers clear, Zayn knows he wants her so he makes up a new identity as Veronica and becomes her friend telling Chloe good things about himself.


1. Veronica

"Well what about this one?" I asked Zayn handing him a shirt for tomorrows interview

"Nope" he simple stated

"What do you mean nope?" I asked getting pretty annoyed

"I mean I don't like it" he smirked

"Why cant you just be like the other boys? they wear whatever I ask them to, they don't ever argue about it or keep me after hours" I screamed throwing my hands up in the air

"Wow you don't want to get on the bad side of one of your bosses do you?" he smirked again, oh how I'd love to wipe that smirk off his face.

"No" I mumbled

"Zayn can you please just wear that shirt tomorrow?" I begged really wanting to get home, I started working for the boyband one direction last month and ever since I started Zayn has been nothing but a pain, keeping me after hours and never wearing what I asked him to.

"I'll wear whatever you want me to" he smiled

"What? Seriously?" I asked smiling and being pleased that maybe he was going to easy today

"Yeah sure as long as you go out with me" he smirked

"I'm not going out with you" I said stamping my foot and putting the shirt on a coat hanger to hang it up, to be honest Zayn was the one I found most attractive, and I liked him the most, every time I seen them on tv or heard them on the radio I would always pay extra attention to Zayn but then I started working here and he started to do everything in his power to annoy me.

"And why's that?" he asked pouting and throwing his old shirt back over his head.

"Because I know your type, your just looking for someone to get you over your break up and then you'll break their heart and Zayn I'm not gonna be that girl" I explained grabbing my things and walking out the door.

I heard foot steps behind me and knew he was following closely behind, he came up to me and grabbed my arm pulling me back and making me fall against his chest.

"Someone's eager" he smirked

"Zayn I'm not going to go out with you, and from now on I'm avoiding you at all cost's, unless I have to style you or assist you, but I will not stay after hours for whatever unless its absolutely necessary" I demanded breaking out of his hold and stomping off.

This time he didn't follow me, he let me walk home by myself which was the first time since I started working for him, he wouldn't leave me alone and always walked me home, no matter how much I protested, I know what your probably thinking, why don't I just go out with the guy, but the truth is, I know his type and I've just had a really bad break up and really bad things happened, that's why I moved and started working for the boys, I'm not ready for love again and especially not with Zayn's type.

I walked through my front door and locked it behind me going into my bedroom and getting into my jammies.



I was standing in work with only four of the boys, Zayn hadn't shown up, of course he was going to difficult, I was out of my mind to think he wouldn't be.

Paul came walking through the door with another girl, someone I hadn't seen here before.

"Ok guys this is Veronica" he said pointing to her "She's going to help Chloe with her job" I smiled at that, I could just get her to do Zayn.

I took a closer look at the new girl who would be working here, she had dark brown hair that was slightly curled and thrown over her right shoulder, sitting there perfectly. She was wearing purple glasses and white earrings. She was wearing a light blue shirt that just about went above her boobs, and a black pencil skirt, she had fine features and was actually very pretty, quite beautiful actually, maybe Zayn would leave me alone and start bothering her.

"Hey guys" she smiled and waved, her voice was husky and almost man like, almost familiar

"Has anyone seen Zayn?" Harry asked smirking like he knew something I didn't, and then all the boys laughed, Veronica sent them all a death glare, that was pretty weird.

"Yeah Zayn told me, he would be in his dressing room and I could pick his outfit, we met this morning  as he was walking in" Veronica explained and then smiled at me, I smiled back being polite, maybe Veronica and I could be good friends.

*Zayn's POV*

"Yeah Zayn told me, he wold be in his dressing room and I could pick out his outfit, we met this morning as he was walking in" I explained to Chloe, trying my best to be convincing. I was going to kill Harry for that comment.

I know Chloe will never go out with me, not with the way she thinks, and not with how she thinks of me, so I decided to make up Veronica, Paul and the boys know, they're happy to keep going with it and not tell Chloe so that maybe I could get my chance and show her, we're not all bad guys, I really do like Chloe and I'm not trying to just use her to get over Perrie.

I walked off down the corridor wondering how the hell I was going to make this work, would she not think its weird if me and Veronica are never in the same room? I never thought this through.

I took off my Veronica costume and changed into the outfit, Chloe had picked for me last night before walking back out to the boys.

They all laughed as soon as they saw me again, Chloe stood there looking confused.

"Hey guys" I said smiling and waving

"Hey Veron....Zayn" Louis laughed, I sent him a death glare, telling him to shut up.

"Hi Chloe" I smirked

"Hi Zayn" she said through clenched teeth, I chuckled before sitting beside Niall

"Zayn where did Veronica go?" Chloe asked, looking annoyed that she had to talk to me

"she said something about going on a break" I said trying to sound convincing

"Did you annoy her that much already" she snarled

"No she just had to go somewhere" I smirked

*Authors note*

I'm sorry this is really bad, it got off to a bad start, I'm really bad at beginnings but it should get better




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