Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have just broken up, Chloe McFall has had a terrible past with bad boyfriends, she's moved away from her family and her home, she lives alone and has just gotten a new job as an assistant and stylist for only the biggest boyband on the planet, one direction, Zayn takes a liking to her, but she doesn't want to get broken so she steers clear, Zayn knows he wants her so he makes up a new identity as Veronica and becomes her friend telling Chloe good things about himself.



Ok guys so I think I'm going to unpublish this for a while as I didn't even mean to publish it in the first place,  I wanted to edit it first and bring it out when I thought it was good enough, no one is really reading it at the minute, so when its good enough and when I've people excited about it, I will publish it.

And also, I've had a few people tell me that my first chapter was not original, I wrote the chapter and though of it myself, and I'm sure word for word is not the exact same as the other book.

Anyway please read your the smoke to my high if you don't already

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