Dude..What Happened Last Night?

Ella gets too crazy, and it leads her to extraordinary but scary things.


2. The Morning After

      I wake up, questioning were I am. I look around. "Oh. My. God.", I say in shock. I woke up next to Zayn. I slowly get out of bed trying not to make a sound. "This IS real life.." I suddenly get dizzy with the though that I have slept with him. I sit back on the bed. "Ella?" He whispers. "Yes?", I reply. That must have woken him up. "You are beautiful." He smiles. I smile back at him. "I know that I just met you Ella, but I really like you." He says passionately. I know he means it. He has been my favorite of the band ever since it started, I can't turn this away. "Same here." This is real. This is a real growing relationship. I crawl back into the bed and start singing his X-Factor audition song. "Baby your a star I just wanna show you you are..." I keep singing. I feel back to sleep. A few hours later, I hear a faint sound of Zayn's voice telling me to wake up. "Yeah?" I whisper tiredly. "Come on Ella, I want to introduce you to the boys." He says. I can tell by his voice that he is very confident that they will like me. I agree to meet them. 

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