Dude..What Happened Last Night?

Ella gets too crazy, and it leads her to extraordinary but scary things.


1. The Bar

        I'm sitting there, drinking my wine. This is a whole new experience for me. I've never been to the UK before. "I love it here", I whisper. The bar wasn't too crowded at first, then all of the sudden it was packed. I could barley move in this situation, but I have to know what is going on. All of the girls were surrounding something. "What in the hell..", I paused. I could not believe my eyes. It was One Direction. I got in a spot near the front, Zayn's breathtaking eyes shot towards me. I couldn't help but smile. Then he was staring me down for a while, but then he told me to come over there. "Really?", I mouthed to him. Zayn nodded. I slowly came towards him. He smiled. "How are you love?" He says to me. "I'm great! Why did you call me over here?" I replied. Zayn giggles. "You are too beautiful to pass by." Zayn winks at me. "I thought you had a girlfriend." I told him. I was questioning if this was a dream or I had too many drinks.  "I did, my fans were telling me that she was using me for fame." He replies. "So are you single...um..sorry I don't know your name." Now I'm thinking that it is a dream. "Yes I am. And I have a question." I say while I'm pinching myself. "Is this a dream?" Zayn laughs. "No it isn't love, this is real life." His accent is so dreamy. "Oh." I laugh. We continue talking and I had a few more drinks..wa more than a few. 

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