Dude..What Happened Last Night?

Ella gets too crazy, and it leads her to extraordinary but scary things.


3. Meeting the Boys

      I am brushing my hair in the bathroom when Zayn walks in. "Are you ready love?" He asks. "Yup!" I reply excitedly. We walk out of the room and go downstairs. I hear Louis say, "Where is Zayn?" Then Niall said, "And is so called girl?" The boys laugh. Zayn and I go to the kitchen where all of the boys are sitting. "Hey boys, this is the girl I was talking about." Zayn says. "Hello everyone, I'm Ella." I shake all of the boys hands. Niall didn't seem to fond of me. His initial reaction of me was blank. I decide to move on. I sit down away from them because we just met, and I didnt want to make it seem like I'm shoving myself into their lives. "Would you like to sit with us?", asks Zayn. I nod and got to sit with them. We talk for a little bit about random things and I find out that they are all super funny. After a while we all go our separate ways. Zayn brings me upstairs and to the balcony. 

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