Faith Who?

Faith is a sweet and cute girl. But she is deaf. She has been deaf for 4 years, and because of that, she got moved to an orphanage. Her parents didn't like the thought of a girl with problems, what are their friends going to say?
Faith gets adopted, but what happens if her real father pops up and wants her back?
Is Faith going to forgive him?
Read to find out!

(The story is better then this here /\ )
Hope you like it!


6. Waking Up In A New Room&Apologize

A/N: Hi guys! Sorry I haven't updated in... what? 11 days? :S Sorry.... I wasn't quite sure if I should continue this story, but then I saw how many had red my story, and decided to continue.

If you have any ideas, be my guest to write them in the comments (It would help alot) .

Anywayy... Here is the next chapter! Enjoy :D


Faith's P.O.V


I opened my eyes and saw the sun shine in my eyes, making me shut my eyes again and groan.

Stupid sun.. I really liked the sun, I really do. But not when it is 8am and it's shining in my eyes..

I thought about what today could bring. I'm going to call Sava and Luc, and apologize to the boys. And perhaps explore the house? From the outside it looked huge, so there sure are more rooms than I have seen till now.. 

I yawned and sat up, looking through the room.

So it wasn't a dream. I knew it wasn't, but just to be sure. 

I stood up and streched before checking myself in the mirror. UGH! My hair looked like a birds nest... I quickly ran to my privat bathroom and found a brush, starting to brush it. After a few minutes of pain and cursing, I finally got it to the point where it was good enough. I walked over to the closet and found some skinny jeans and a tanktop. I put them on and found some white converse and put them on as well. I looked at myself in the mirror. Much better. My white tanktop matched my converse, and my black skinny jeans looked good too. I walked back to the bathroom and saw all the letter that were attached to the drawers. 

Hair, Soap, Toilet Paper, Toothbrush & Other stuff, Makeup...

Makeup? I curiously opened the drawer, but found it empty, just a note.

'A girls best makeup is a smile. And I promise you, you don't need any makeup, we love you just the way you are. XxThe boys :D'

This somehow didn't make me feel better. It just made me feel horrible, because I was so mean to Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis. 

I opened the door out of the bathroom and locked it when I had walked past it. Then I walked down to the kitchen. Empty. No one there, so I decided to make some food. I had learned to make pancakes at the orpanage, so thats what I made. Sugar, milk, butter and the other ingrediences went ito the bowl and I started mixing them, making one big mess.. Yeah... Thats me cooking..

(A/N: Also in real life.. Once I decided to make cupcakes, but forgot sugar... :S Hehehe..)

After a few minutes I had mad a lot of pancakes, but continued, since I new Niall would like some exstra.. I made in total 35 pancakes, so I took 3 for myself, leaving 32 for the boys. I'm not a very big eater. 

After I finished my first pancake, I saw a head poke out from behind the kitchendoor, and I reconized it as Lou's head. When he saw me he smiled, but then his eyes eyed the pancakes and they became huge. He looked at me and said something.

*Umm.. Sorry, could you please write it down?* I asked, looking down, felling stupid again.

I looked up and saw Louis writing on a piece of paper before handing it to me.

'Sorry, forgot.. Did you make all this?'

I nodded, and he gave me a thumbs up. 

He left the room and a few seconds later he came back in with Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry. They all looked suprised when they saw the plate with food. They sat down and started chewing it and gave me a thumbs up as if they liked it and I smiled as I wached them eating. Exept for Niall. He just looked at the food like he never had seen anything as beautifull before. Then he looked at me and gave me a tight hug. I giggled and he let go, and started eating on the food too. 

*Guys..* I said making them look up with nervous faces, because of my sad voice.

*I'm truly, deelpy sorry for what happned yesterday.. I feel like a complete shit.. 

You were all nice, and...And... I wasn't....And.. You shouldn't have adopted me.. I'm not even as nice as the other girls at the orphanage.. They are prettier and sweeter and cooler and funnier...And then there is me. A complete nobody. Yes, I know it because my parents made it quite cleat that I wasn't wanted. They locked me up, to hide me. But I understand why now. I'm a stupid little egoistic... I don't know the word..But I hope you can forgive me, but to be honest, I understand if you don't... If you don't want me anymore, it's okay and I understand. I'll...' I was crying by now. None of the boys said anything which broke my heart. I walked to the door, turned and faced the floor.

'I'll just call the orphanage saying I'm going back. I love all of you guys, but you deserve someone better than me. Ask for Savannah, she is a super cute and nice girl and.....' I couln't continue, because I got wrapped in a hug. The person let go of me, and I saw it was Zayn.

He had tears in his eyes. He gave me a piece of paper which he had written on.

'I will never give you away even though we just met, I feel like you are part of this family. I love you and will never leave you . If you need me, tell me, and I'll do my best to help.' 

I smiled at him and gave him a hug. Harry stood up and gave me a hug too. Then Niall then Louis. At last Liam. 

'I'll never leave you' he signed and hugged me too.






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