Faith Who?

Faith is a sweet and cute girl. But she is deaf. She has been deaf for 4 years, and because of that, she got moved to an orphanage. Her parents didn't like the thought of a girl with problems, what are their friends going to say?
Faith gets adopted, but what happens if her real father pops up and wants her back?
Is Faith going to forgive him?
Read to find out!

(The story is better then this here /\ )
Hope you like it!


3. Liam Payne&Last GoodByes

Why is Liam Payne in this office? THE Liam Payne? From One direction?

I couldn't help but fangirl a little little bit. Yeah, even deaf people fangirl. I had heard One Direction before I became deaf, but only WMYB, four years ago.

He looked over at me as I entered the room and smiled, before saying somthing to Mrs.Davids. She nodded and said something back and waived as Liam left the room, with a last smile at me.

Mrs. Davids sat down behind her desk and gestured me to sit down. We sat in (a rather akward) silence for a while, until she looked up at something behind me and smiled. I turned around and saw Sava and smiled too, which she returned and said something to Mrs.Davids. She nodded and Sava sat down next to me.

She signed 'I'm going to translate what Mrs.Davids says, because it's important.'

I nodded.

*Okay, why did I need to go down here, Mrs.Davids? And why was Liam Payne from One Direction here?* I asked politely as I could.

Sava translated 'He was here because he wanted to adopt a girl, and he found the perfect one.'

I looked over at Mrs.Davids with a questioned look and back at Sava.

'You' I screamed and hugged Sava.

*But why did he choose me?*

'He chose you because you are deaf, and he wanted to give you another chance.

And he liked your personality so..' I nodded

*I'm going to pack then* I laughed

Mrs.Davids nodded and Sava signed

'You will leave when ever you're ready' I nodded once more and left to pack.

When Sava and I reached our room we started to pack. I couldn't help but being excited. Like, who els gets adopted by the one and only Liam Payne? Like what?  My books (which were a lot), my clothes, everything went into my bag. When we were ready Sava gave me a hug, just out of the blue. I gave one back and when we backed off, we both had tears in our eyes.

*I'm gonna miss you sooooo much! I can't thank you enough for what you, and Luc of course, have done for me. I can't believe I got you as my best friend. You're amazayn (see what I did there)* She laughed through her tears and hugged me again.

'I'm going to miss you as wel.. Soo much. I hope you will like it there, and if you meet Louis, give him a hug from me?' I laughed. Louis was her favorite.

*I will give all of them a hug from you, I promise!* She nodded.

'Here' She signed and gave me a necklace. A broken heart with best on it. I looked over at her's, and she had the Forever part.

*Who has the Friends part?* I asked

'Luc' She signed and laughed. We hugged again and walked to the office.

I said my last goodbye to my room and walked down with Sava.

When we opened the office, we saw Luc, Mrs. Davids and Liam.

They all smiled at me, but Luc with tears in his eyes.

I gave him a hug. I saw that he had the Friends part on and smiled. Mrs.Davids held out a hand, but I ignored it and gave her a hug.

Liam held his arms open and I laughed, giving him a hug too.

'Are you ready to go?' Liam signed. I didn't know he could do that..

I nodded.

I gave Luc and Sava a hug again and followed Liam to his car.

One last look at the house where I felt so at home. Where people let me in with open arms and everyone was nice. Where I met Lucas and Savannah.

I stept into the car and went off to my new home, family, and... Life











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