Faith Who?

Faith is a sweet and cute girl. But she is deaf. She has been deaf for 4 years, and because of that, she got moved to an orphanage. Her parents didn't like the thought of a girl with problems, what are their friends going to say?
Faith gets adopted, but what happens if her real father pops up and wants her back?
Is Faith going to forgive him?
Read to find out!

(The story is better then this here /\ )
Hope you like it!


12. Disapointments&Keep Trying

Liam's P.O.V


We have tried for several weeks to get Faith to hear again, without result. Everyday me and Faith lock ourselves in her room and try to let her hear again. Every once in a week she and I go to the hospital and check if she can hear more, but no. Nothing help. She gets more and more frustrated and now, 7 weeks later, she has given up. I understand her, I would have to. The boys have no idea whats going on, but they don't ask. But Im sure they will "pop" they "bubble" sometime soon. Faith will start on school on Monday, and I can tell she is excited. It's a school for blind, mute and deaf people. I really really hope she'll like it there...


Faith's P.O.V


Tommorow Im going to start on a new school. I don'tknow anybody. I don't even know where it is. Liam says he is gonna help me, but as far as I have seen him helping.. Im not sure it would help. Of course, he is trying, and he gets credit for it. But it doesn't help. And that's just the point..

I really hoped to get my hearing back because of what I heard, but it doesn't help. It really doesn't help my confidence either.


Zayn's P.O.V


There is something going on between Liam and Faith. Everyday they lock theirselvs into her room, and it will take hours before they come back out. Everyweek they go away, and come home with disapointed faces. Faith has stopped talking. I have really tried to talk to her trough the phone, but she just looks at it and starts to tear up. Then Liam gets mad at me. I can see Faith and Liam oth are frustrated, but I can't see why. The other boys seem sad about this too. I really hope this will urn out well..

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