Faith Who?

Faith is a sweet and cute girl. But she is deaf. She has been deaf for 4 years, and because of that, she got moved to an orphanage. Her parents didn't like the thought of a girl with problems, what are their friends going to say?
Faith gets adopted, but what happens if her real father pops up and wants her back?
Is Faith going to forgive him?
Read to find out!

(The story is better then this here /\ )
Hope you like it!


9. Carnaval&Pain2


Liam's P.O.V


We had so much fun! I loved all of them, but the one's who turn upsidedown's were a little to wild for me and Harry. Harry has a fear of rolleroasters... But I can somehow understand him... I have a fear of spoons.. Why you ask? See, forks and knifes get cleaned better than spoons. There is always this little put og deseas.. And thats not good.. No good at all.. I saw Faith use a spoon today though.. I will tell her later. 

Faith sat next to Zayn, and Niall besides Louis, on all faces excitment was spead. I chukled and looked over at Harry who was pale.

*Are you alright there mate?* I asked. He quickly looks up at me and then at the rollercoaster again and swallowed. 

*I don't like this.. What happens if the rail breaks? And they fall and die? And thing about those seats! They are uncomfortable! And what if someone peed on them, and now they are sitting on them! And why would you pay to get sick? I don't get this! * He stopped to catch a breath, phanting hardly. 

*Wow! Breath! You really don't like rollercoaster, do you?*

He shook his head.

We stood in silence for a while, untill I asked Harry

*Have you had the chance to talk to Faith?*

*Yeah, we texted, and she seems like a very cute girl. Very funny too*

*Thats good, she is still a bit shy.. But I hope that will end..*

He nodded and we said nothing till the others walked out of the builing al smiling and lauging.

*Had fun?* I asked. Niall and Louis nodded, while Faith and Zayn were on the phone, probably texting eachother. 


We drove back home, and it was already 7 O'clock, so we decided to what a movie.

*What movie do we want to watch?* Zayn asked. Silence

*TOY STORY!!* I yelled and everybody laughed, except Faith she just stood there akwardly.

'Toy Story' I singed her, and she grinned and nodded.

I put the esk in and on subtitles for Faith, and then we started whatching the movie. Oh! I just love this movie! After a few seconds I looked over at Faith.. She seemed to have trouble, but before I could sign anything, she closed her eyes. I looked over at the boys.

*Whats up with Faith?* I asked. They looked over and shook their heads.

*Maybe she is h..* Zayn couldn't finish, because Faith mumbled something and ran out of the room.

*What was that all about?* Zayn asked. 

*I have no idea. I will check on her.

I stood up and walked in the same direction as Faith ran, and walked towards her room. I knew I didn't have to knock, thats doesn't make sence.. She won't hear it anyway..

I opened the door and walked in. And froze. 

Poor Faith.. 




A/N: Sorry for the short chapter! But I need to go to school now :S Byee see ya later, and I hope you like my story!







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