The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


3. Chapter three

Danni's POV: We were in the hotel room, and Liam was hooking up his laptop, on the desk. I just sat on the bed, being patient, and checking twitter.
   "I'm going to post a tweet saying, we're doing a twitcam."
   @The_real_DanniAnderson: Hey guys! I ran into one of my old friends, @LiamPayne, at the 1D concert in Scotland! Now we are doing a twitcam! Hope you all can watch!
   I hit send, and set down my phone. I looked up at Liam, and saw he almost had the twitcam up. He motioned me over. He started it. 
   "Hello! Guys I want you to meet someone!" 
   I moved next to Liam.
   "Hey guys! It's Danni Anderson!"
   "We've known each other for a while, but we lost contact, because I went on X-Factor, and she was a foreign exchange student."
   "Let's look at some questions."
   I got up and grabbed my IPhone, and opened my twitter app. My wall blew up with questions. 
   "Ok. This one is from @Ashley448. She said, Liam I love you! You and Danni look cute together! You guys should date!"
   "Thanks Ashley!"
   "Next is from @The_real_ClarissaSimons. She said, why are you guys even watching this-"
   "Ok, Clara. Thanks for your comment."
   My phone buzzed. It was a text from Clara. It's said:
   Y??? Y did u let Liam cut u off during my comment!?!?
   I responded:
   Cuz it was rude!
   I went back onto Twitter.
   "Sorry guys for stopping the questions! One of my friends texted me. The next comment is from...@Jason12. He said, Danni, can you and Liam do a shout out for my sister. Her name is Lily, and she's turning 13, and she lives in Dublin, Ireland."
   "Happy thirteenth birthday, Lily! Hope it's a wonderful birthday!" Liam and I said at the same time. 
   "Next question is from @NiallHoran. He said: Liam and Danni, do you want me to bring you any food?"
   "What do I even say to that question?"
   "Reply and say two small bags of chips. I'll take potato chips."
   @The_real_DanniAnderson: @NiallHoran sure. Liam wants a small bag of potato chips, and I'll take a small bag of harvest cheddar Sun chips, please.
   I hit send, and went back to the questions. 
   "This next one is from....@AubreyAnderson. She said, Hey guys! Can you put on some music, before Niall shows up?"
   "Sure Aubrey!"
   Liam got up, and went or go look for something, from his suitcase. I continued to read some questions. 
   "Ok. This one is from...@Mrs.Payne. She said, back away from my man! He's mine! You barley now him! Stay away! OR ELSE!"
   I looked up at the screen, and saw that 25,000 people, had just seen me read a comment that was only meant for me. I refreshed the page, and saw a bunch of new comments had popped up. 
   Some like this: @AubreyAnderson: Don't you do that to my sister! FYI! She has known him for a long time! @1Dlover: Hey! Just because you want to be Mrs. Payne one day! Doesn't mean you go and hurt Liam Payne's friend! @LiamPayne: I will report you, if you try to cyber bully my friend again!
   "Liam?" I thought. "I thought he was getting something from his suitcase."
   I looked to my right and saw that Liam had already came back, and was hooking up his I Home, into the wall. 
   "How'd he know, someone was being mean on me on twitter? I'll ask him later," I thought.  
   He pulled in his phone into his I home, and chose a song. It was Moves like Jagger, by Maroon 5. 
   "Knock knock."
   Liam got up to go get it. Niall and Aubrey walked in with the two small bags of chips, and water. 
   "Hey! Look who showed up!" Liam exclaimed. 
   Liam scooted closer to me, to make room for Niall, and Aubrey. I checked twitter again, and a new comment popped up. It's as from @Samantha440. She commented: You and Liam should date. It looks like Niall and the other girl (that looks like you) are dating. 
   I instantly responded. 
   @The_real_DanniAnderson: Thx @Samantha440! Yes, I think Niall, and my twin, Aubrey, are dating. I'll pass on the message to Liam. I'll follow you or you can follow me! 
   I hit send, and noticed Niall and Aubrey, left again.
   "Liam where'd Niall and Aubrey go?" I whispered.
   "They went to buy some make-up, and bandanna's, so then we can do the blindfolded make-up challenge."
   "Ok. Call Niall and tell him to get make up wipes."
   Liam got up, and dialled Niall's number.
   "Hey guys! I'm going to play my favourite song. It's by these two twins, that don't look like each other. Does anyone want to guess?"
   A few seconds later, my phone started buzzing a lot. I looked down, and saw it was my twitter app. I opened it and read some is them. Nobody got it right. 
   "I'll start playing the song, and maybe that will help out with the guessing." 
   I started playing it. 
    *strum strum strum*
   "I heard you where. Just passing through. I never meant to get attacked to you. The day we met I still hold onto.." Megan sang. 
   "It was outta of the blue. You played a show, and we locked eyes, by the stereo. I fell into, your eyes so blue." Liz sang.
   "No matter how it goes, goes, goes. I just want you to know, know, know. I'm
reministing, thinking about is kissing. And could you take, take, take. A million miles away, way, way. It's you missing, in this loonnggg distance."
   "We keep in touch, though out of reach. I almost wish, we didn't meet. It's not enough, to keep romance sweet," Liz sang.
   "I was outta of my mind. To let you in. I should of thought, of you as just a friend. And now you've got me out, until the end," Megan sang.
   "No matter how it goes, goes, goes. I just want you to know, know, know. I'm
reministing, thinking about is kissing. And could you take, take, take. A million miles away, way, way. It's you missing, in this loonnggg," they both sang.
   "But it makes a good story, anyway. All the memories created in one day. I guess they found a place to stayyyy. So we're re keeping up with this phone tag. Missing messages and signs that were not ok. Just pretend you feel the same," Liz sang. 
   "No matter how it goes, goes, goes. (Oh how it goes) I just want you to know, know, know. I'm
reministing (ooohh) thinking about us kissing. And could you take, take, take. (Could you take) A million miles away, way, way. That you were missing. In this loonnggg. Distance!" Megan and Liz both sang.
    More tweets filled my screen. 
   "@Jesica467. You got it right! It was Megan and Liz!"
   Liam came back, and a few seconds later, there was a knock at the door. I got up, and opened the door. Niall and Hannah were standing there. Niall held up the bag, and I grabbed it. Aubrey walked in after me, and we set it all up, next to the computer. 
   "Ok, guys. Next Niall and I will be doing the blindfolded make up challenge on Danni and her sister Aubrey," Liam said.
   "Wish us good luck!" Niall said excitedly.
    Aubrey and I help Liam and Niall get blindfolded. They tried grabbing stuff, but they couldn't, so Aubrey and I helped them.
   "This is..." Niall touched the foundation bottle. "This is lotion."
   They both squirted some on, and kind of rubbed it into our faces. They didn't grab a brush to apply it. 
   "Now it's time for...this circular thing."
   I looked at the laptop, with a worried face. They bought like a double set of make- up and brushes, from what I could see, with foundation on my lashes. 
   When it was all over. My face it was hit by a train. Liam failed at applying everything to my face. He applied eyeshadow to my cheeks, he did for my eyeshadow was blush. Mainly, my face was a complete mess. Aubrey's wasn't as bad as mine...I take that back! It was worse! 
   "Ok guys! Thank you for our fantastic make overs!"
   Aubrey leaned over and kissed Niall on the cheek, while I kissed Liam's cheek. 
   "Aubrey, and I will be right back!" I exclaimed. 
   "Ok!" They responded.
   I grabbed the make up wipes, from the bag, and walked to the bathroom with Aubrey. I opened the package, and took one out.
   "So...what's going on with you and Niall?" I asked.
   "Just...nothing," she responded.
   "What do you mean? You guys seem pretty close."
    "We use to be...a long time ago."
   "What about you and Liam?"
   "Nothing! We are just friends."
   "Uh huh!"
   "Ok. Fine! We dated once. Back a few years ago."
   "Another time."
   I had finished getting all the make up off. I walked back out, and saw that both boys had crashed. The twitcam was still going on. I silently picked up the laptop, and took it to the bathroom.
   "Ok guys, we aren't going to end this just quite yet. It's time for the boys turn!"
   "Yeah! But this time we aren't going to do the eyeliner under there eyes. We are doing everything else, except the under eyeliner," Aubrey said.
    We walked back out, I set the laptop, where they could see us. I started with adding some blush, while Aubrey did Niall's eye shadow and eyeliner.
   Liam moved, and I freezed. Once he stopped, I started doing some mascara, and some lip liner, Aubrey was doing the same. We both applied some bright red lipstick. She started Niall's cheeks, while I did Liam's lids. 
   By the time we were done, it was like 2:30am. I pulled out my phone and took pictures. I forgot my flash was on, and the boys woke up.
   "What the heck!?!?" Niall asked.
   "We were just taking pictures of you sleeping," Aubrey responded.
   "Because you were sleeping funny."
   "I don't believe you!"
   Liam and Niall both got up, and ran to the bathroom. I grabbed the laptop, and rushed after them.
   "What did you do!?!?" They both exclaimed.
   "We did your make up, while you were sleeping."
   "Why?" Liam asked.
   "For the fans."
   "Anyone who is watching, this is all their idea!!"
   "I think it's time for us to crash," Aubrey said. 
   "Yeah. Bye guys!!" All of us said.
   I hit end, and closed the laptop.
   "So where is everyone sleeping?" I asked.
   "You and Liam in this room, and Aubrey and I will take my hotel room," Niall responded. 
   "Ok, but Aubrey and I don't have any pyjamas."
   "Don't worry, when Niall and I went to go get make up, we picked up some pyjamas," Aubrey said.
   She tossed me a pair of a short sleeve shirt, and some pj pants. 
   I walked back to the bathroom and changed. I walked out and saw Liam was already fast asleep. I quietly went to his side of the bed, and whispered, "goodnight Liam."
   Then I went to the opposite side, and saw, that Liam was still awake.
   "Why are you still up?" I asked.
   "I've been...meaning to talk to you," he responded.
   "Danni...I know I messed up, all those years back. I don't want to lose the girl I love...twice."
   "What do you mean?"
   Liam's soft lips hit mine. He was the first to pull apart. I stared at him...shocked. I didn't think Liam would actually do that.
   "I know you don't want to be with me. I understand."
   "No! Liam...I love you too."
   Then I crashed my lips onto his. After a few minutes, we separated, and he asked me a question. 
   "Would you, Aubrey, and your two friends like to come on tour with us?" Liam asked.
   "Yes!" I responded. 
   We quick kissed, and went to bed.

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