The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


1. Chapter one

 "Today's the day!" I exclaimed to my best friend, Clara.
  "I know!" She responded.
  I was going through my closet. I didn't know what I was going to wear. It was going to be a very special day for three of my friends and me!
  "Clara! Should I wear my blue or green shirt with their logo on it?" 
  "You should wear the blue one. It looks good with your hazel eyes!"
  I slipped on the shirt over my tank top. I put on dark washed skinny jeans, and my blue converse. I straightened my wavy, sometimes straight hair.
  I brushed some eyeshadow over my eyelids, and finished my look by adding a black headband. It didn't push back my bangs, but kept them in front of my right eye.
  "We look so beautiful," I said to Clara.
  "Yes. Yes we do!"
  "Girls! Your ride is here!" Yelled my mother.
  "Ride? What ride?" I asked Clara. 
  She shrugged her shoulders. We walked down the spiral stairs.
  "Yes, honey?" She responded.
  "Did you get us a ride?"
  "No your father did."
  "Father? Mum I don't have a father."
  "I never told you about him"
  "He's British, and he's the X-factor creator." 
  "My father's Simon Cowell!?!"
  My mum nodded.
  "Then why did we move to Scotland?"
  "I'll tell you another time. You're going to be late for the concert."
  I kissed my mum on the cheek, and rushed out the door.
  We arrived at the arena, and their was a huge crowd, when we got out. We saw six different heads. Two of our friends ran over, and started talking with us. Simon was standing in front of us.
   "Danni!" He said. 
   "Hi," I responded. 
   "How are you? I haven't seen you since you were a baby."
   "I'm good. My mum just told me today, that you were my father. She's kept it from me for nineteen years."
   "Whose this?" 
   "I'm Clara, Danni's best friend," Clara said.
   "I'm Ashley, Danni's other best friend," Ashley told Simon.
   "And I'm Kaytee, Danni's third and last best friend," she exclaimed.
   "Oh. Well here are your tickets."
   Simon handed us our tickets, and five other faces appeared. 
   "Simon. Who are these four girls?" One British accent asked.
   "Why did they come in a limo?" Another asked.
   "Harry, and Louis. This is my daughter and her friends."
   "Oh!" They both said.
   "Here are five backstage passes," the blonde one said.
   "Thank you Niall," I said. 
   He nodded his head. Zayn handed me backstage passes.
   "Zayn!" Yelled a girl with purple hair.
   "Louis!" Screamed a brunette.
   "Perrie!" Zayn excliamed.
   "Eleanor!" Louis screamed.
   Clara and I just looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Ashley and Kaytee did the same. 
   "Boys! We to get backstage! The show starts in thirty!" Yelled Paul. 
   The boys left and we were stuck with Simon.
   "Dani!" Yelled Eleanor.
   "Yes?" I said.
   "Oh. Whoops! I meant Danielle Peazer, Liam's ex." 
   My friends and I walked in. We looked at our tickets and what row we were sitting in. The tickets said:
                        V. I. P.
              Section A Row 1
                       Seat 5
   I was sitting directly in the middle. 
   "Guys. We are sitting in the VIP section! I've never sat their before, for any concert I've been to!"
   "Me neither!" Exclaimed my friends.
   Someone escorted us to our seats. It was closer than I expected. There were only a few bodyguards. 

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