The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


4. Chapter four

The next thing I know, it's morning. A ray of sunlight was coming into the room. 
    "Hello, hello. I know its been a while, but baby. I got something that I really want to let you know, yeah. Something that I wanna let you knoooooow," rang my phone
   "Hello," I said sleepily.
   "Hi honey!"
   "Yes. I saw the note your brother left me."
   "Liam's mum and I talked about you and Liam. It looks like you guys made the cover if a magazine."
   "What magazine!?"
   "Every magazine."
   "Oh. Ok. I'll be home to gather some clothes."
   "I've gotta go mum."
   "Ok. Bye."
   I hung up, and set my phone on the night stand. I looked over, and saw that Liam was still asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. 
   The make up was sitting on the counter. I started doing my make up, and waited for Liam to wake up. I started searching for a hair brush. 
   Liam propped him self up on his elbow. He rubbed his eye, and opened his mouth.
   "What are you looking for?" He asked.
   "A hairbrush."
   "Umm...check my biggest pocket in the front."
   "Ok. Thanks."
   I started searching, with my achy hands. He's clothes were neat, and all of his extra shower, and other body stuff wasn't. I opened the big pocket, and saw one hair brush. It was a small, handy dandy one.
   "Did you find it?" He asked.
   "Yes," I responded, and walked back to the bathroom. 
   After I was done putting my make up on, I walked out, and saw that Liam had the TV on.
   "Whatcha watching?" I asked. 
   "Ummm...I don't know," he responded.
   "Oh! It's Doctor Who!"
   "The show's called Doctor Who."
   "Yeah. Umm...Ashley, Kaytee, Aubrey, and I need to go back to my house and get clothes." 
   We walked out, and went to Niall's room.
   "Knock knock." 
   Aubrey opened the door.
   "Hey. We are going to get clothes from my house."
   "Ok. Let me go wake Niall," she responded.
   She closed the door, and Liam and I went it Zayn's room. We heard the TV blaring.
   "Zayn!" Liam yelled.
   The door opened instantly.
   "Perrie?" I asked.
   "Yeah. Zayn called me early this morning, and I opened his door, and saw him with one of your friends!"
   "Ashley...why would she do something like that? Just to ruin a relationship?" I accidentally said out loud.  
   "Yes!" Perrie responded. 

   I walked in a little, and saw Ashley fast asleep. Zayn was sitting on the side of the bed. 
   "Zayn! Why would you cheat on Perrie?" Liam asked.
   "I don't know. I'm sorry Per."
   "Don't you Per me! You ruined our relationship! We're through!" 
   Perrie ran out in tears, and Zayn tried running after her, but Liam stopped him. His steady hands, handled the shaking Zayn.
   "I'm going to go find Perrie. Make sure Kaytee, and Harry hear the message. Zayn and Ashley can stay here."
   Liam kissed my cheek, and I walked out. 
   I looked everywhere for Perrie. She disappeared, like a magician. She wasn't in the lounge area, gym, snack machines, eating area, or the lobby. I did see Danielle, though.
   "Hey. Danielle," I said.
   "Have you seen Perrie?"
   "Yeah. She ran past her, about five minutes ago."
   "Do you know, where she would go?"
   "This new coffee shop here. It's the same place where I'm suppose to meet your brother in ten minutes. It will take us ten minutes to walk there."
   "Okay. Lets go."
   Danielle, and I walked out of the hotel, and was mobbed by fans. We took a few pictures, and signed some items, then got the heck out of there.
   "So...are you and Liam dating???"
   "What makes you think that?"
   "How he looked at you, while you where texting your brother, and how you guys did the twitcam together."
   "Oh. No."
   "Oh! Why?"
   "I don't want it repeat what happened in 2010."
   "Oh. What happened?"
   "Well...I was a Scottish foreign exchange student, that got to go to Wolverhampton. I was living with Liam's neighbour for the rest of the second semester, and the summer, into fall. I was reading outside, when Liam was over. Ryan, the guys who I was living with, and Liam came outside, where I was reading. They were really annoying, so I went inside, and I felt someone watching me. So I turned around, and saw that it was Liam."
   "I kept studying outside, and he would keep coming over, but not to hang out with Ryan. He wanted to flirt with me. I set down my book, and talked with him for a while. We usually talked for hours. He was the first one to give me his number."
   "Is that it?"
   "Nope. I started working at the local five star coffee shop. His friends came in, and he walked in last, whenever he was with his friends, he acted like a jock. That day, when he saw me walk over to his table, he didn't act like all of his friends. So I got there order, and made them, and then waitress them, until they left. He stayed behind, and put a note on the counter. He didn't say anything, just put it down, and left. I opened it, and it had said, call me when your done with work."
   "I really want to know what happens!"
   "After work, I pulled out my phone, and failed his number. We talked on the phone, until I got into the front door of the house I was staying at. He was sitting on the couch. Then he asked if u wanted to go out with him. At the time I didn't know if he was going to leave for XFactor. So I said yes, and then he had to go, because of dinner. So from their we dated over the summer, and Liam went onto XFactor. It was my last week in Wolverhampton. He auditioned for XFactor again, and I was left alone to pack, and watch him."
   "Almost done?"
   "Yeah. It was that day, one of his older sister's let me, and I went straight to his room. I took out my note, and just sat on his bed for a few minutes. Then I set the note down, and left the house. I had to catch my flight, and left Wolverhampton. That's the while story."
   "Wow. Oh! We're here."
   Danielle and I walked into the cafe, and saw Cody at one table, and Perrie at the other.  
   "You can go sit with my brother, and I'll go sit with Perrie."
   "Ok. See you later."
   Danielle sat down across from my brother. I sat down in front of Perrie. She had her head down, and she wasn't roughing her coffee. I nodded to the workers, and I got up.
   "How long has she been here?"
   "For about twenty minutes. She wanted a cappuccino, and hasn't touched it," one of the workers said.
   "Ok, thanks."
   I sat back down, and noticed she lifted her head. Her eyes were all puffy, and deep red. 
   "W-w-w-why are you here?" She stuttered.
   "To come and check on you," I responded.
   "Oh. I don't need to be checked up upon. I'm perfectly fine."
   "Well almost everyone is going back to my place to pack some clothes."
   "Liam, Niall, Hannah, Harry, Kaytee, and me. No Ashley, and someone who must not be named."
   "Ok. I'll join you then."
   "Ok, Liam should be"
   Liam bursted through the door.
   "Hey Liam," I said.
   "We have to go now!"
   "Ok! Perrie! Lets go!"
   All three of us ran out of the cafe, and hopped into the car. It was a black truck, well more like a black brick on wheels. 

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