The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


6. Chapter 6

We followed Danielle to room 306, and saw Cody in a rib cast, a left leg cast, and mainly almost a full body cast. I couldn’t stand to see Cody like this, so I stepped out into the hallway. My mum was running down the hallway.

  “Danni! Why are you sitting out in the hallway?” My mum asked.

  “I couldn’t take to look at Cody, and how he is,” I responded.

  “Come in with me.”

  I got up, and my mum put an arm around me. I walked back in, and Liam was sitting on one side of Cody, and Danielle was on the other. LIam got up, and my mum took his spot. Liam came, and slipped an arm around my waist. He pulled me a little closer, and I had some tears coming down my face. Cody stirred, but didn’t wake up yet. Simon came running in, and saw his only son laying in a hospital bed. My mum got up from her chair, and slowly walked over to him.

  “It’s been many years...Simon,” She said to him.

  “Cynthia…” He responded.

  The tension in the room, grew stronger, than it was before. Liam leaned down, and whispered, “We should probably get back to the hotel. We have an interview tomorrow with Abby Smith, and Kevin Sanders.”

  “Okay. I whispered back.

  Mum, and Simon were fighting, and Danielle was still holding my brother’s hand.

  “Excuse me,” I tried saying. “Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!”

  Everyone became quiet.

  “Liam and I have to go, because the boys have an interview tomorrow.”

  “Okay. See you later honey,” my mum said.

  “Bye Danni,” Simon said.

  “I’ll text you later Danni,” Danielle told me.


  Liam and I walked out of Cody’s room. I still had tears coming down my face, and Liam had  me close to him. The paparazzi found us right as, we walked out of the hospital. Liam stuck his hand out in front of as many camera’s as he could. We then started running towards the cab. The paparazzi were yelling questions at us, as we were getting the door open.

  “Is Danni pregnant?” One of the photographers asked.

  We didn’t even say anything, we just hopped into the car, and drove off.

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