The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


16. Chapter 15

Liam’s POV: A random fan started making out with me, while I was waiting for Danni. I broke the kiss, and ran towards Louis.

  “Louis! Where’s Danni!?” I exclaimed.

  “She ran out crying about five minutes ago, mate. She was in deep tears,” Louis responded.

  I thanked Louis, and ran outside. The first place I thought of, was the hotel. I sprinted to the hotel, and bursted into the room. No one was in the room. Danni’s suitcase was gone, and a note layed on the bed.


  I’m sorry that this is happening again. My heart is shattered, and I don’t think my heart can give you another chance. I am leaving. I need to be with my friends, and family. If you come after me, you’ll probably miss me. I’ve loved you with all my heart, and you’ve broken it twice. goodbye liam.

  - Danni

  I dropped the note, and ran out of the room. I went outside, and saw Paul getting out of one of the cars.

  “Paul!” I yelled.

  “Yes, Liam?” He responded.

  “Where’s Danni?”

  “I just dropped her off at the airport. Would you like me to take you to her?”

  “Yes please!”

  I hopped in the car, and Paul sped me to the airport.

  Danni’s POV: I was sitting in the airport, for a hour or so. My flight was at eleven o’clock. I was scrolling through twitter. A ton of pictures of me crying were posted, and pictures of me sitting here, at the airport. I sat there, and continued to look through twitter,

  “Flight 433 to Edinburgh is now boarding. Flight 433 to Edinburgh is now boarding,” one of the flight attendants said.

  I got up, and started walking to the tunnel. I didn’t want to look back, from all of the terrible memories.

  “Danni!!!!” I heard someone yell.

  I turned my head, and my hair whipped across my neck. I saw Liam sprinting towards me. I lifted one hand, and continued walking. I never looked back after that.

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