The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


12. Chapter 11

The sunshine, shined through the curtains. I grabbed my phone, and took a picture of the window, and part of Liam’s arm got in the picture. I went onto Twitter, and posted the picture. I tagged, Just woke up, from the sunshine, and Liam’s still passed out. Should I wake him up? I posted it, and went onto Instagram. I posted that on instagram, and tagged the same description. Liam stirred, and flipped over on his side. I got out of bed, and headed for the shower. Today was the night of the movie premiere in London. We had a twelve o’clock flight to London. 
   Once I got out of the shower, my phone was playing music. I didn't know why, so I walked out of the bathroom. Liam was still passed out, and I saw that my mum was calling. 
   "Hello?" I said.
   "Hi...I need you to come back to Edinburgh today. Is that okay?" My mum said.
   "Yes today...why?"
   "I already have plans...I'll try to come tomorrow morning. Straight away in the morning."
   "Okay honey. I'll see you soon."
   "Bye mum."
   I hung up, and picked out clothes. I grabbed my shorts with rips in it, and a blue shirt, with Hollister logo on it. I slipped everything on, and put my hair up in a bun. I grabbed my makeup bag from my suitcase, and started applying it. There was a knock at the door. I turned, and saw Liam standing there. I set down my eyeliner, and turned, and leaned against the counter. 
   "Hey...who called earlier?" Liam said, as he was still waking up.
   "Oh! That was just my mum. She just wanted to ask me something," I said, as I kind of lied to Liam. 
   "Okay. What time is it?" 
   "Eight thirty. We have to leave in a half hour."
   Liam walked out, and I finished my makeup. I walked out, and grabbed my suitcase. Liam was standing in his boxers, searching for his pants. I started to giggle. Liam turned around, and ran to me. He put his arms around my waist, and lifted me up.
   "Ahhhh!" I screamed.
   The door opened, and Louis ran in. 
   "Woah! Is someone in a crisis!?" He yelled.
   "No. Liam was just fooling around," I responded, as I hit Liam. 
   "Oh okay. We're heading out in fifteen minutes."
   Louis walked out, and Liam continued to find his pants. He tore apart his whole suitcase. 

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