The One That Was Left Behind

Danni never knew that she would actually meet her dad after sixteen years. Her best friend, Clara was always there for her, until...


10. Chapter 10

Once we opened the door to our hotel room, I saw Clara sitting there. I set the bag’s down on the ground. I walked over to her, and saw that someone had taken care of her.

  “What do you want? Dan?” She said.

  “Why are you here?” I shot back.

  Then Niall walked in. He stopped, and spotted Aubrey all beat up, with her arms around Danielle, and Eleanor shoulders. He dropped the band aids, and ran over to Aubrey. He took her from Danielle, and Eleanor’s shoulders. Clara jumped up, and started yelling.


  “Then why is Aubrey all scratched up?” Niall responded back.

  “Umm...someone else beat her up?”

  “I don’t believe you, Clara. You are the worst mistake of my life!”

  “Clara...I think you should leave,” I told her.


  Clara stormed out, and Niall set Aubrey on the couch. He cleaned out the cut’s, and applied bandages. Liam walked in, and saw Aubrey all bandaged up. He came to my side, and put his arm around my waist.

  “What happened to Aubrey?” Liam asked.

  “Clara happened,” I responded.


  Aubrey passed out on the couch, and everyone else went onto doing there own things. Liam, and I were laying on his bed, watching a movie. It was Harry Potter: The Order Of The Phoenix. I was laying my head on his chest. He kissed my head, and said.

  "Would you like to be my date to the movie premier?"

  "Yes!" I responded.

  We kissed, and someone knocked at the door. I broke the kiss, and went to answer the door. Kaytee, and Ashley were standing there.

  "Hey guys! Liam I'll be right back!"

  "Okay Babe!"

  "So...what do you guys need?"

  "Danni...we're going home," Kaytee said.

  "I thought you guys were happy with Zayn, and Harry?"

  "Yeah...we were...but then we remembered, we have boyfriends. So...we ended it with both of them." Ashley said.

  “Oh. So you guys are going to leave this journey, and go back to our boring old town of Edinburgh.”

  “Yeah...but we’ve missed a lot of school. Maybe Clara was right, and we should’ve stayed…”

  “That’s fine!”

  I walked back into the bedroom, and Liam was passed out. I turned off the TV, and shut the lights off. I crawled in next to Liam, and snuggled close to him. He moved his arm, and fell fast asleep, again.   

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