Most people who live in the small town of Jasper, England are horrible, nasty people who have no interest in others well beings. There is not a week without someone being arrested or found guilty of a crime. Although there are police that come around usually they don't enforce the laws because of all the rules that have already been broken.
Almost everyone in Jasper lives there time on earth knowing nothing but the evil ways of this town. Everyone but Page Atkins...
Page Grace Atkins has lived her whole life in the town of Jasper, England and is one of the kindest people anyone could ever come across. Even though most people hate each other in Jasper everyone has a soft spot for young Page. As she grew up she learned the ways of a bad lifestyle but still knows how to find the good in any situation and any person.
When Page moves to a more expensive high class town in London and meets a more important type of person will she trust the classy or wish to go back home...


1. Prologue.

   My bags were all packed and my world was about to change. All I ever knew was this small worn down town and now that I'm about to move away from it I don't know how to say good bye. 

   Slowly I walk to the front door of my small house taking in my surroundings one last time before I open the front door. As the old wooden door creeks open I look to the front yard to see all the people from my small town standing there holding a sign that said "Good Luck Page." I saw my aunt Julie and ran into her arms opened for a hug. Tears filled my eyes at the thought of saying good bye to all of the people I grew up with. I pulled back and smiled at my aunt who gave me everything my parents couldn't. Ever sense my mom and dad passed away when I was a baby my aunt took me in and kept me as her own.

"I'm so proud of you Page." Aunt Julie said to me, tears rolling down her own cheeks, "But I can't believe my baby is growing up."

"No matter how old I get I will always be your baby." I said trying to blink back my tears.

   I went around saying good bye to everyone I knew hugging them and telling them how much they mean to me. I came to my best friends Ally and Josh and started to cry again. They pulled me into a tight friendly hug, whispering kind, comforting things into my ears.

"I'm going to miss you all so much." I said to everyone, smiling, "Thank you all for the life you've given me and I will be back to visit very, very soon."

   I waved to everyone as I got into a Taxi to drive to the airport. I was flying across the country to go to my grandma's mansion and try to live out my life as a musician.

But little did I know I would meet another important musician, that would change my life forever...

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