Kiss Me (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Emilie never had an easy life. Most of the time, she walked around with a smile on her face, hiding all of the pain. She was blessed when she got accepted into The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York. There, she goes through constant struggles, always trying to be her best for everybody. All of her bad habits are recurring until she meets a boy in the courtyard. Cheesy? Yes. But he changes her life in ways she never thought anyone could. And she changes his.


5. The Change

          A few nights later, we went to the pool while no one else was there. He was very touchy that night, always grabbing my waist and running his hands up and down my arms and legs. We snuck over to the dark corners a few times, engaging in small make out sessions. As we were drying off, he picked me up and carried me to my dorm. I rested my head on his shoulder as he carried me, humming quietly into his ear. When we got to my door, I smiled and moved my mouth closer to his ear.

            “Louis… I love you,” I whispered, rubbing my fingers against the scruff on his face. I knew that admitting my feelings was a long shot, but I couldn’t hold off anymore. I nervously waited for what he would say, my heart racing.

            He set me down and looked at me, a smile spreading across his face. “I love you too,” he told me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

            “Oh, do you?” I asked, my arms snaking around his neck. I giggled softly, playing with the back of his hair. It meant the world – plus more – to me that he loved me, and that he said it because he truly did, not because he had hurt me.

            When he nodded and kissed me, I was crazy with emotions. He walked me in and looked at me, like he wanted me to invite him to stay for a while. How couldn’t I? We both just dropped the L word on each other, and I didn’t want him to walk out. We kissed a few more times, and he pushed me up against one of my kitchen counters, smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away, laughing softly.

            “Join me for a shower?” I asked, dropping my towel. I winked at him, then walked to the bathroom and got into the shower, staying in my bikini.

            Within no time at all, Louis followed me and shut the bathroom door, then climbed into the shower with me. I was already rinsing off as his hands grasped my waist and pulled me into him, starting to kiss me again. I didn’t pull away for a few minutes, but finally did and gave him a strange look.

            Lou chuckled and shrugged his shoulders, pushing me back up against the wall of the shower. “What? My new addiction is kissing you, and that’s something I’m not giving up,” he smirked, getting some of my shampoo into his hands. He began washing it into my hair, massaging my scalp gently.

            I laughed and shook my head, then washed his chest and arms with body wash. Washing and rinsing each other off turned into feeling every inch of each other’s body, that led to kissing, and that led to making out. I took his hands and moved them to my back, signaling for him to untie my top. He did, and let it drop, then took a deep breath and stared at me for a second.

            “Have mercy,” he whispered, gulping once. “I love you,” he mumbled, pushing my hair out of the way.

            I nodded a few times, smiling sweetly. “I love you too,” I whispered.

            One thing led to another, and we ended up making love for our first time. It was weird, because with all the times I’ve done it, it wasn’t consensual or with feeling. But I put every ounce of emotion into it, and we fell asleep on my bed after the face. When I woke up the next morning, he was still asleep next to me. I kissed his lips once, then put on a pair of underwear and his shirt over my head. I made coffee, and jumped a bit when he came up behind me and kissed my neck a few times. I giggled and turned around, looking up at him.

            “Good morning, handsome,” I laughed, kissing his lips softly.

            “You’re wearing my shirt,” he mumbled against my lips, a smile upon both of ours.

            I nodded and pulled away from him, seeing that he was only in his underwear. “Yeah… Sorry. It was the first thing I saw,” I explained, smirking at him slightly.

            “Yes, because you do not have a closet full of clothes,” he said sarcastically, pecking my lips again. “But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining,” he chuckled, taking my hands.

            I nodded, pushing him away slightly with a smile on my lips. “That’s right. Now go drink your coffee and go watch TV while I make breakfast,” I giggled, shoving him out of the kitchen.

            A few weeks passed, and I was starting to feel different. My period was 2 weeks late, and I was throwing up in the morning. Louis tried getting ahold of me, but I kept dodging his calls. I was nervous that I was pregnant, and I didn’t know what to do. So I called Nina. No later than 15 minutes, she came over with a pregnancy test and promised that she would wait with me until I knew the results. I took the test and when I finished, sat it on the counter. It was the longest 3 minutes of my life.

            “Well?” Nina called out from outside the bathroom, knocking on the door a few times.

            I walked out, a stunned look on my face as I showed her the test with the very clear positive sign on it. I couldn’t even form a reaction; my face was completely blank. Nina tried to talk to me, but I didn’t know what to say. She gave me ice cream and a hug, then left me to be alone. I looked over at my phone and hesitated before I reached over and grabbed it. I dialed Louis’ number and held the phone up to my ear. I told him that I needed him urgently, so he came over.

            “Louis… I-I need to tell you something,” I mumbled, sitting on the couch.

            “What?” he asked, sitting beside me. He had a puzzled look on his face as I thought about how to tell him.

            I sighed softly, looking up at him. “I’m pregnant.”

            Louis looked at me, shaking his head. “No…no. You’re funny, Em. Tell me what’s really up.”

            I stood up and found the test, bringing it back to him. I showed him, trying not to hyperventilate. “I’ve been feeling weird lately, so that’s why I haven’t been talking to you. Nina bought a test for me, and I just found out…” I explained, beginning to pace around the living area. I turned back to him, my eyes filled to the brim with tears. “Please tell me that you’re not going to run from me,” I blurted out, digging my fingers through my hair.

            Lou ran up to me and wrapped me in his arms, shaking his head. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be right here with you, I promise,” he whispered, kissing my cheek. “We’ll work this out, don’t worry, love,” he soothed me, picking me up and carrying me to my bed.

            He lie me down and changed me into a pair of pajamas, then fixed me and him a cup of tea. “I’m scared,” I mumbled, taking the tea from his hands.

            Louis nodded a few times, climbing into bed next to me. He wrapped an arm around me, pulling me into him. “I know. I am too… but we’ll get through it,” he said softly, giving my lips a soft kiss. “You should rest. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you wake up,” he told me with a small smile, taking my tea and setting it on my nightstand.

            I nodded and got comfortable, then fell asleep in his arms. I dreamed about the baby, and woke up in the middle of the night to see Louis wide awake, dazing off into space. “You’re not sleeping,” I whispered, resting my head on his chest.

            “I’ve been thinking,” he replied, his fingers brushing through my hair gently.

            I gulped once, then closed my eyes. “When I was a junior, I dated this guy named Damen. He was so sweet at first, and he would always do things to make me happy. So everything went fine until our 2 month. He started yelling at me… and hitting me. I dated him for the whole year, and he would attack me whenever I made him mad. I had to drop out of dance and cheer because the bruises and marks were noticeable with my uniforms. He ruined my life, Louis. One day, he raped me. And he did it whenever he felt like it. He always came after me and got mad, screaming and punching. I’m so scared that he’ll find me one day,” I told him, breaking down into tears towards the end.

            Louis looked at me, listening to every word I said. He wiped my tears away as they fell, holding me close and biting his lip. “If he ever comes after you, that bastard is going to pay,” he told me in a hushed tone, kissing my forehead gently. “I-I… I had my first sexual encounter when I was 13. I can’t begin to tell you how many partners I’ve had since. I never committed to anyone because I knew that they wouldn’t last. I think I’ve had 2 girlfriends in my whole life, but I only loved the second one. When I met you, I wanted you. I wanted you more than I wanted anything in my life. I wanted you to love me, I didn’t want you for sex. It wasn’t easy to get my hands off the cocaine, but I did it for you. Everything that I do is for you, it will always be for you,” he whispered, his fingers raking through my blonde hair.

            “I love you so much,” I replied, hugging him tightly. “Why did you tell me that?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows together slightly.

            He sighed and shrugged his shoulders, taking one of my hands. He laced our fingers together, then kissed my knuckles softly. “Because I love you and because I trust you. I’ve never trusted anyone like I trust you, and I want to tell you everything about me. But not right now; you need to rest,” he said sweetly, kissing my lips softly.

            I rested my head on his chest and got comfortable, listening to him sing Kiss Me until I fell asleep. I didn’t know how it happened, but Louis managed to get me to open up. He broke down my walls and peeled off my shell, allowing me to tell him anything. I actually felt something more than love for him. It was an overwhelming feeling, something I had only read in books or seen in movies. I was in love with him, and I knew it. I never wanted to be away from him, he made me feel like myself. After our conversation that night, I knew that it was impossible for me to love anyone else. I knew he wasn’t going to leave me.

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