You and your boyfriend Harry find out that you are going to have a baby. This story takes you through the months of your pregnancy. Enjoy ;)


3. The Ultrasound.


You are now 5 months pregnant. Today is the day. You finally get to find out if its a girl or a boy. Before you guys leave, Harry calls the boys to be a part of this wonderful event. He kisses your belly and says "I don't know you yet. I have never seen you face to face. But I already know, that I love you."

You arrive at the hospital for the ultrasound. You sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes, then the call you in. You lay on the table. Harry holds your hand. The boys finally arrived. "I bet that it's a boy!" Liam says. Harry, Zayn, and Louis say its a girl, and Niall agrees with Liam, that it is a boy. They put the cream on your belly, and look for the baby. The doctor doesn't find one, but two. Harry starts to cry because you guys are having twins. Now for the genders. "Well, this one is a boy!," The Doctor says. "Aaaannnndddd, the other one isss," Everyone is excited to see what the other one is. "A girl!" You start to cry. The boys start cheering, and congratulating. "Two babies..." You say, then smile. Harry cleans your belly. Then everyone walks out of the hospital.

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