You and your boyfriend Harry find out that you are going to have a baby. This story takes you through the months of your pregnancy. Enjoy ;)


1. The News.

The moment you realize, your life is going to change. Forever.

You look down at the stick. What is your boyfriend going to think? He's 19, and you are 18. What are your parents going to think? You are just a teenager, about to graduate High School. You sit down and ask your self these questions. Well, you can't go back.

Harry walked through your apartment door, to find you crying in the bathroom. He opens the door, and you quickly hide the positive pregnancy test behind your back. "What's wrong babe?" he asks you. "Babe..." You wipe the tears off your face. "What is it, my love?" You pause. "I'm pregnant." Harry's face is in shock. You start to cry even more. "Babe, we are just teenagers. But, we will get through this. Together." You start to settle down a bit. He softly kisses your lips and gives you a bear hug.

"How are we going to tell the boys? Eleanor? Danielle? Perrie?" You say. "We will invite them to dinner tonight. How's Olive Garden?" "Sounds good to me!" "Gre-" You interrupt him with a kiss. He started to kiss you passionately. You start to make out, on the bathroom floor. Harry stops. "Let's call the boys." 

Everyone meets at Olive Garden. You, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Danielle, Zayn, Perrie, Niall, and Demi. You and everyone else orders their food. Time to tell the news. "Excuse me everyone," Harry says. "We have, quite a big announcement to make." "YOU FINALLY HIT PUBERTY?!?" Louis says, jokingly. "Hell no." Harry says. "I'm pregnant!" You shout. Niall almost chokes on salad. All the girls get up and hug you. Then the boys come after. The girls hug Harry, the boys jokingly pats his balls and say "Good job!" You laugh. Everyone eats their meal, then it's time to say goodbye, and Congratulations, of course.

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