You and your boyfriend Harry find out that you are going to have a baby. This story takes you through the months of your pregnancy. Enjoy ;)


6. The Birth.


You actually start to realize. You are HUGE. Harry looks at the clock, it says 10 pm. "Time for bed love." he says. "Coming." You say. 4 hours later, you wake up, to find your pants soaked. You wake Harry up. "What's up Rayna?" He says, tiredly. "My water just broke." You say. He quickly gets up and puts pants on. He called Louis, because he's the only one up at this time. "Let's go to his house, it's close to the hospital." He says. You guys get in the car and drive to his house. You enter his house, Eleanor was cooking waffles for you. "Sit down Rayna." She says, setting a plate of waffles on the table. She put a towel on the chair because she didn't want her chair to get wet from your water. You eat your waffles, feeding some to Harry as well. You put the fork down for a second and close your eyes. "What's wrong?" Louis says. "Contraction." You say. The contraction stops and you finish your waffles. Harry gets in the car, and everyone else follows. You finally arrive to the hospital. They start to hook you up to these machines that say your heart rate, and contraction length. 

A couple hours later, you reach 5 centimeters. "I have to push." You say. Harry grabbed your hand and says "Breathe baby, you can do this. I believe in you." You let out a huge push. Louis and Eleanor are in aw watching you. You start to let out more pushes and breathe heavily. Harry grips your hand as you squeeze it. Then, it happened. The cry you have wanted to hear 9 months ago. Harry cuts the umbilical cord and the doctors say, "It's a boy!" You relax for a minute. Then that urge again. You have to push. You squeeze Harry's hand even harder. You breathe for a second. You let out that final push and, BAM. More crying. Louis cuts the umbilical cord this time. "Congratulations Mr. Styles and Mrs. Smith. You are now the Mother and Father of 2, healthy babies. What are the names?" "Dylan and Desiree." You both say. "Congratulations."


By the way, Dylan and Desiree were born 10/2/13.
Dylan weighed 8.3 lbs. and Desiree weighed 8.0 lbs.  

Part 2 Coming Soon! 

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