You and your boyfriend Harry find out that you are going to have a baby. This story takes you through the months of your pregnancy. Enjoy ;)


4. The Baby Shower.


Your Baby Shower! Everyone arrives at your apartment and brings gifts. There's cake, tons of food, and you start to try new things. You grab a slice of pizza, and go to the dessert table. You cover it with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. "What the hell is Rayna doing?" Liam says. "Pregnancy cravings." Harry says. "She's been doing it a lot lately. Steak and honey, chips and barbecue sauce, and the grossest one," "Oh god." Liam says. "Cookies and Ranch Dressing. ICK!" Harry says. "THAT'S DISGUSTING!!!" The four boys say in unison. 


Once again, it's short. :(

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