You and your boyfriend Harry find out that you are going to have a baby. This story takes you through the months of your pregnancy. Enjoy ;)


2. The Baby Bump, and Names.


You wake up at 5 am. You feel the nausea kicking in. You go to the bathroom and throw up. Harry hears and wakes up. He walks in the bathroom and comforts you. "Pregnancy sim toms are kicking in are they?" You finish throwing up. "Yes, yes they are." He goes to bed and you brush your teeth. You look in the mirror, and lift up your shirt. You start to see a baby bump. "I'm going to be a mother." You think to yourself. You finish brushing your teeth, and go to bed. It's almost time to wake up anyway, so you and Harry might as well stay up. You and Harry sit on the bed and start to talk. "I like the name Andrea for a girl, and Jacob for a boy." Harry says. "I like Selena and Francesco." You say. You talk for about a half hour, then you guys decided. Desiree for a girl. Dylan for a boy.



Sorry it's short! :(

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